Ingemar: a long love of engineering and the sea

A passion for the sea and its landings that began 45 years ago when Ingemar installed its first nautical pontoons; since then, its floating solutions have become a benchmark in very different sectors (tourist recreation, commerce, industry, Defense, leisure), for their safety, ease of installation and flexibility in modeling layouts. Today the company is an industry leader, with more than 150 surgeries a year performed worldwide. Having consolidated the concepts of durability, eco-friendliness and safety of floating moorings, today the accessibility and comfort of the facilities stand out.The trends of the last decade have confirmed Ingemar’s original intuition to develop increasingly high-performance and imposing floats, which anticipated the presence in the most modern marinas of boats of increasing size and the accommodation needs for sedentary megayachts and their crews. Thus Ingemar’s latest construction solutions, called Marina- 4all, are intended to make the approach to modern ports “kinder,” with high safety standards and facilitated transits for individuals with disabilities, but also for anyone who wishes to frequent the port: elderly or mobility-impaired individuals, new mothers with bags and strollers, shipowners, sportsmen, artisans, and service personnel.


Looking ahead, it can also be assumed that today’s crowded water spaces will be freed of smaller boats, which will be able to find shelter ashore thanks to special automated platforms, and that new protected coastal settlements will be created through the use of increasingly high-performance floating wave-breaker systems. Today in Italy, then, projects for the revaluation of city watersheds are particularly interesting, with many initiatives also linked to NRP funding, showing a resurgence of activity in hitherto undervalued locations and in some cases fostering the birth of welcoming Marina Resorts linked to the economies of the surrounding areas. And it is also likely that in the coming years the current role and size of “port networks” will grow and become more concentrated, depending on what they will be able to provide to increasingly demanding customers: from the comfort of facilities to the quality of services, from the use of renewable energy to automations and management software, which will be governed by efficient Artificial Intelligence: given the speed of the digital revolution we will soon have a way to find out.

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