After the Dubai Boat Show, where it was a protagonist together with the standard-bearers of Made in Italy boating, Ingemar is already engaged in new challenges in Italy and abroad and is active, often as a technical partner, for the sea fittings of the main Boat Shows of the peninsula.

At the Venice Boat Show

At the Venice Boat Show 2023, the pontoons and floating structures of Ingemar will be the protagonists, forming the floating exhibition area inside the Arsenal, in a 55,000-square-meter stretch of water, already equipped with more than 1,100 linear meters of pontoons and 240 moorings for yachts and super-yachts, sails and other vessels. Ingemar’s spaces at the show (Nappa 89/St. 9) are inspired by the Group’s choices for developing a modern “boating ethic” that have led to interaction with experts and athletes from the third sector to produce comfortably accessible floating structures for all, and also to integrate the experiences of other innovative companies into the processes to test new pontoon sections that clean the waters of suspended pollutant particles. Highlighting the values of the modern “circular economy,” the booth is inspired by the theme of “reuse” and embellished with furniture complements made from wooden lagoon salvage by Venetian designer Annalisa Bonsuan for LHR (Lagoon Heritage Reinvented). Also from Venice kicks off the 2nd Tour of Italy by Sail of the disabled athlete Marco Rossato, who aboard Tornavento and thanks also to the design contribution of Ingemar, will touch 26 Italian marinas under the aegis of Marevivo, to raise awareness among operators on the shared themes of accessibility and attention to the environment. Ingemar’s most recent achievements then include: landings for Nautical Clubs and the latest maxi breakwater for the Port Authority in the Gulf of La Spezia; the total makeover of the Palau Marina in Sardinia; the long maxi pier with fingers installed parallel to the shoreline of the Jesolo Basin; and floating landings and platforms for bathing and leisure in Sivota, Greece.

Where it is located

Ingemar has been installing floating pontoons and breakwaters worldwide since 1979 and is among the few companies in the industry with production autonomy; it is headquartered in Milan, Italy, and its factories are located in Casale sul Sile, Treviso, Italy.

Useful info

Phone: 0422 702412
Facebook: IngemarGroup
Instagram: Ingemar_1979

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