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With Italia Marine cleaning products, it’s easy to restore any boat to its original splendor

With Italia Marine’s line of cleaning products, it’s easy to restore any boat to its original splendor: whether teak, fiberglass, steel, metal or plexiglass. Today, the company offers a dual range of cleaners for all surfaces: the traditional line and BioMarine, 100% organic, with as many as 4 certifications that allow use in the open sea without harming the environment. With these products it is possible to fully restore a boat in a short time. For example, gelcoat can be cleaned using Dulcleaner, a detergent that allows the removal of any stain while recovering the entire treated area. For polishing processes, it is preferable to use Predulon, a desilicone dewaxer that removes residues of previously used products and allows direct application of the protective polish Dulon 1 & 2. The Marine Teak product, on the other hand, succeeds in giving the wood its blond coloring in a single pass, unlike two-phase products. Turning to metals, the marine environment is a hostile environment for steel and aluminum. Rust and bloom are the enemies of one and the other, and different products are needed: for rust there is Rust away, which should be sprayed on the steel and left to work and then rinsed off; for tree aluminum there is Aluminiolux, which can make the surface shine in a single pass, protecting it for months from the elements. For rust-free steel, here then is the corresponding Inoxlux. Finally, for dulling caused by unsuitable products and UV rays, there is Plexiglass&pvc restorer, a kit of 2 products that can be used dry that protects clear plexiglass and PVC for at least 6 months.


Before and after treatment you can clearly see the effectiveness of cleaning with Italia Marine products.


It is important in this regard to point out that precisely all the products listed are indicated for full surface restoration after annual storage, while for maintenance it may be sufficient to use the BioMarine line, within which there are also soaps for boat body care, allowing for full use in view of cruising and raids.

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