The multifunction that solves all the problems on board

Leatherman is the historic American brand that creates ingenious tools that are also perfect for use on boats

Quality, warranty, and timely customer service are the strengths of the historic American multifunctional tool manufacturer Leatherman. Founded in 1983 by Tim Leatherman, the company is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of multi-purpose tools that are practical and easy to use for solving all kinds of boating problems. “I came up with the idea of inventing a multi-purpose tool during an ‘adventurous’ trip through Europe,” says the founder himself, “and after a few years the Leatherman PST (Pocket Survival Tool), the first ever patented plier-based multi-purpose tool, was selling more than a million units a year, creating a new product category.” Today the company offers a wide range of tools that sailors can discover and purchase directly by visiting the official online store in Italian. Inside there is also a “customizationshop,” in which you can customize your multifunctional-perhaps with the name of your boat-making it truly unique and custom-made. As unique as Leatherman’s philosophy is that it does not “choose” between price, performance or design, but focuses on all three of these factors to which is added a virtually lifetime warranty. In fact, its products are made to last, but if something happens the special 25-year warranty allows the tool to be repaired or replaced. A winning bet of customer focus, as Tim Leatherman explains, “I consider warranty not a cost, but an exceptional service that makes customers satisfied.”



It is the tool equipped with basic tools to be used every day. Contains durable scissors, replaceable wire cutter, anti-corrosion steel knife, among others. Each tool can be opened and closed with one hand, locking in place for maximum safety. Has scabbard, 7-prong kit and pocket clip included and 25-year warranty.


It is the lightest multifunctional from maximum strength and versatility. Weighing just 142 g, it offers 7 different features. It has a stainless steel combination blade, pliers, an interchangeable screwdriver, a removable pocket clip, and a carabiner/bottle opener. Many of these tools can also be used closed for the highest practicality: available in the online shop.


It contains everything you need to clean and care for your MFP: the capacious case made of durable nylon contains a mat, brush, lubricating oil and more. Thanks to its extra pockets it can also carry a Leatherman: it is available in the online shop.

Leatherman Europe GmbH Holterkamp 16
40880 Ratingen, Germany info-italy@leatherman.com www.leatherman.com
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