Linssen, Parker, Nordkapp and Nord Star by SailPassion

Arriving from the “north” are the fast and comfortable yachts

Linssen, Parker, Nordkapp, and Nord Star are shipyards known for the attention to detail andcraftsmanship of the powerboats they make.

In Italy then, it is SailPassion that exclusively offers its customers the best and most fascinating models that are made with the craftsmanship and nautical tradition that have made Linssen, Parker, Nordkapp and Nord Star powerboats world famous.


Linssen Yachts is a Dutch shipyard that builds steel motor yachts in the 9- to 16-meter segment and has grown to become a market leader in this area. Linssen Yachts is truly synonymous with superior motor yachts through its continuous development of innovative products and processes.

Since its founding, Linssen Yachts has been the driving force behind innovations in yacht building, and has remained so to this day . The unmistakable silhouette that is also the DNA of Linssen Yachts will always remain intact. In this way, you will have a motor yacht of exceptional value and stable over time.


Parker Poland is a subsidiary of AH Parker & Sons (GB) Ltd, founded in 1886, incorporated in 1940 and active in Poland since the early 1970s. Over the years, Parker has become a well-established manufacturer and supplier of RIBs, with a range of sizes from 5.10 to 16 meters in open or cab versions.

Thanks to the experience and expertise gained in the production of Parker rigid inflatable boats, the company has entered the market for sports, recreational and fishing boats. The range is from 6-meter sport cruisers, to 11-meter family pleasure boats, and already includes 12 different models. To meet the changing needs of international markets, new models are created every year. All based on positive feedback received from customers and dealers.


From as far back as 1966 Nordkapp boats have given Norwegian but also European boat enthusiasts great memories of vacations at sea. Nordkapp in fact has been founded by people distinguished by great maritime and nautical passion and tradition and is still one of the shipbuilding leaders on the market in Northern Europe and beyond.

Today you can choose from ten models produced by the Nordkapp shipyard as well as a wide range of equipment and finishes. In fact, all Nordkapp boats have a decided superiority in sailing precisely because of their wide selection of customizable equipment.

North Star

Nord Star yachts are created to last decades first and foremost in the harsh Nordic climate. From an 8-meter multi-purpose boat to a 15-meter luxury yacht, all Nord Star models feature an extremely durable hull, luxurious furnishings that pamper those who come aboard, and top-notch comfort and driving safety. What gives Nord Star boats their high quality is the shipyard’s tradition of building that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Thus every Nord Star yacht is a true voyager of the North Seas. Unique structural features maintain stability and comfort on the open sea, while the high-quality interior design provides practical luxury for passengers. Each Nord Star model also has a large cabin with three doors, making deck walking safe and risk-free at all times. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that you will always get a boat inspired by quality craftsmanship and uncompromising design.

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