Marina of Loano


Marina di Loano, in the heart of the western Ligurian Riviera, is a modern marina that accommodates nearly 1,000 boats from 6 to 77 meters and offers port services with 24-hour mooring assistance along with all the comforts of a true resort.

The port

Located in an easily accessible basin, Marina di Loano is protected by a massive breakwater that makes it safe in all seasons in all weather and sea conditions; ashore it offers a world of unexpected opportunities, with guest quarters, gymnasium, restaurants, clubs, sailing school and diving center along with a 16,000-square-meter beach to meet all the needs of boaters and tourists. At the forefront of environmental sustainability Marina di Loano has been awarded the Blue Flag for the eleventh time this year by the Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education), which is in addition to the one awarded to the beaches along the coast. “The confirmation of the Blue Flag, the umpteenth in the history of Marina di Loano,” explains Gianluca Mazza, CEO of Marina di Loano, “confirms once again that respect for and protection of the marine environment is at the top of the priorities of our management, our staff and all our boaters, who are always very sensitive in acknowledging and implementing all kinds of practices aimed at safeguarding the sea. The Blue Flag returns to fly at our Marina almost simultaneously with the activation of the 1,500-square-meter photovoltaic facility on the shore dock. The new facility is ready and will allow us to produce up to 334 thousand KW per year, thus reducing polluting emissions.” Still on the subject of respect for and protection of the environment, already for more than ten years Marina di Loano’s thermal production has been entrusted to a condensation loop that works on the principle of seawater heat exchange, a state-of-the-art technology from the point of view of energy saving. Electric mobility solutions and fast charging stations for all types of electric cars are also available for guests. The Blue Flag 2023 is in addition to the other awards testifying to excellence of the Marina and its services: the ISO 14.001 and OHSAS 18.001 certifications (with TUV Rheinland), the MaRINA Excellence 24 Plus certification, the “5 Rudders” and “50 Gold” from RINA. In fact, the International Certification Body has officially attested to the safety and quality of the facility’s tourist and accommodation services.

Where it is located

In Loano, in the heart of Liguria’s Western Riviera, a perfect base for cruising to destinations in Liguria and the French Riviera in France.

Useful info

Tel: 019675445
Total no. of seats: 997
Max. length meters: 77
Draught: 3.5-5 meters

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