Marinecork is the cork for boating: it stands as thethe only real alternative to teak in fact it is 100% natural, easy to install, very high mechanical strength; non-slip; thermal insulation, precisely for this reason it is not hot to the touch; finally it is stain and sound insulating; last but not least it is very pleasant underfoot, guaranteeing you full relaxation on board.
Happy sailing with Marinecork!

Alternatives to natural and synthetic teak

Until a few years ago, aboard boats, the only alternative to natural teak were synthetics, which did not take long to present their own limitations and flaws that condition the choice of whether or not to install it. To solve the problem, the market offers alternative solutions and different materials. Prominent among them is Marinecork, which is composed not of plastics but of a natural wood, cork, which is specially processed to enable its installation on board. Available in two thicknesses, 6 and 8 mm, the product is 100% eco-friendly, pleasant to the touch, heat-insulating, stain-resistant and non-slip.

It comes in the form of slats and panels, the latter of which can be shaped to size with a simple cutter for DIY enthusiasts. Alternatively, you can send the templates of your surface to request custom molding.

The panels, available in a variety of sizes, are machined by numerically controlled machinery and later filled with polyurethane rubber to allow customization with logos, lettering or designs.

It is installed by simply gluing the siding to a rigid substrate with the same materials used to apply teak, allowing stable adhesion without risk of cracking or contraindications, if done well, due to the flexibility of the material.

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  • Durability: withstands compression and accidental dropping of tools without damage due to its elasticity
  • Temperature: it is surprising as a thermal insulator. Although it is wood, the temperature remains stable even in the sun, pleasantly warm on contact with the foot. Particularly recommended for the coverings of deckhouses.
  • Adhesion: on the surface, the porosity of cork gives excellent adhesion. No grip problems in the dry, much more so in the wet: a crucial point for safety on board, even for children.
  • Stain-resistant: due to hygroscopic properties, any stains from food substances are able to be removed simply with water. Any oily substances with a simple degreaser and scrubbing. The underlying layers are identical to the surface layer, so in case of acid stains by sanding you end up with a qualitatively identical product.
  • Aesthetics: the natural porosity and granularity of cork is not evident after processed. Classic wood color, it does not discolor except over the very long term to highlight the naturalness of the product, which like any wood, defends itself from the sun’s rays by brightening.
  • Lightness: extreme! It is the lightest coating (2.7 kg/sqm) ideal for not weighing down boats.
  • Sound-absorbing: an inherent property of cork, which allows it to dampen engine noise and enjoy a more relaxed shipboard life.

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