Reliable forecasts and vertical weather services. Wherever you are, via any device, for professionals and boaters.

Meteomed, the Mediterranean forecast specialists

Meteomed is a company specializing in forecasting and weather services for professional and recreational boating, established in 2006 and becoming an independent company in 2009. In collaboration with 3BMeteo, we have developed an exclusive forecast model for the Mediterranean basin.

Our mission is to make vertical, reliable and user-friendly weather services for our customers.

Meteomed’s marine weather forecasts are prepared based on our model calculations and validated by a staff of professional meteorologists. They have 10-day time horizon, hourly detail and accuracy up to 2.5 miles. Customized consulting services in Italian and English have been developed to provide clients with “tailor-made” weather support.

Our multichannel platform (web, mobile, phone, SMS, e-mail) allows users to receive the required information without technological barriers and in the mode they prefer. Our Web App has been optimized for easy, efficient and secure navigation.

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The Forecast

meteomed weather forecast cartography

The raw data is purchased from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), a world leader in global medium-term forecasting, and the Met Office, the UK’s national weather service. Weather data for the entire basin area thus arrives in Meteomed’s servers three times a day and undergoes initial processing based on our unique forecast model, specifically developed for the Mediterranean. In this way, the three main RUNs with 2.5-nautical-mile resolution are produced: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

The data on the first 48-hour forecast are further refined through the euro4 sea model, developed from the implementation of the WW3 mathematical model, to go on to define the wave interaction with coastal orography and seafloor bathymetry. This is a fundamental process that allows for the refinement of significant wave height and direction parameters and, thus, reliable information for roadsteads and all areas with complex orography where wave interaction with obstacles is crucial.

The marine weather data thus produced are, finally, verified and validated by thequalitative analysis operated “manually” by our professional meteorologists. The variables calculated are: wind, gust, weather, temperature, pressure, significant wave height, wave direction, maximum wave height, swell.

The Operations Room

weatheromed operations room

Meteomed has an operations room populated by 20 meteorologists who are available 7 days a week for briefings, consultations, and insights with respect to the day’s forecast and the subscriber’s individual itinerary.


meteomed forecast

Thanks to an innovative cartographic system with different zoom levels, with a simple click on any marine point you can consult all the marine weather parameters necessary for navigation optimization. Update of forecast data can be viewed hour by hour up to 7 days and on a bi-hourly basis up to day 10. Cartographic reading of weather forecasts is very intuitive and can be used for a general view over the entire Mediterranean or more detailed on individual sectors and stretches of sea in front of a port. At your disposal, the files of more than 2,000 ports between Italy and the Mediterranean, to find out information on dock depths, lighthouses and lights, contacts, number of berths, warnings, crossings and available services.


meteomed meto forecast synoptic tables

Through synoptic tables enriched with symbols, vectors, and color scales, you can consult all marine weather parameters hour by hour up to 7 days and at hourly intervals up to 10 days. Meteomed’s synoptics offer a concise and intuitive way of reading weather data, as well as a quick perception of the time evolution of the sea and wind. Forecasts are available for 152 micro-sectors across the Mediterranean, for more than 2,000 ports, and for custom weather. Forecasts can be viewed at the dock as well as 5 miles offshore: print or save as PDFs the synoptic tables; share them with your crew members and take them with you at all times.

SMS Predictions

meteomed sms forecast

Meteomed is with you even in the absence of a computer or internet connection. All you need is to own any cell phone to receive our SMS with summary marine weather forecasts for all micro areas of the Mediterranean up to 10 days. The messages will remain in memory on your cell phone and you can consult and reconsult them at any time. The SMS service is especially good for those who surf abroad because there is no additional or surprise charge compared to the Meteomed subscription.

  1. After signing up and activating your Meteomed subscription, register the cell phone number to which you want to receive text messages. Now you can configure and change the SMS service directly from your cell phone by sending “command” messages to (+39) 320.204.32.52. Each time a service change is made via command message, you will receive a text message confirming the action you requested. The service can also be activated and customized from the site (under “Configure SMS services).
  2. The configuration of the service involves choosing one or more marine micro-sectors of interest, the weather data you prefer to receive, the frequency of sending (once or twice a day) and the time horizon (24, 48, 72 hours or 10 days). You can decide to receive SMS messages continuously for a given period (from day x to day y) or on specific request by activating the service from time to time.
  3. In order to easily and quickly set up the service via command SMS, we recommend that you print and always carry with you on the boat the table with the numerical coding of the micro-sector to be indicated in the SMS and the dedicated syntax to be used for the different messages.

E-mail Predictions

meteomed weather email

By activating Meteomed’s e-mail forecast service, you can find all the marine weather information you need to plan your sea trips directly in your inbox. Three times a day (h2, h12, h20) you will receive e-mails from Meteomed with attached pdfs containing the meteo-marine bulletin of sectors, micro-sectors, ports, and meteorelets of your choice. The pdfs can be printed, saved to any device, or sent to friends and crew members. Based on the preferences you set, you can also receive simple weather alert emails for the sectors, ports, and meteorite of your preference and based on the sea and wind levels you set as your warning threshold.

Telephone Forecasts

meteomed phone forecast

Having the Meteomed subscription, simply call with any mobile or landline phone to listen to the forecast for up to 10 days. The forecasts, which are concise compared to the website or app but still comprehensive, are read by a voice synthesizer that clearly punctuates the weather data for the chosen marine micro-sector. The same subscription can be activated by phone, without necessarily logging on to the site. The phone service is particularly suitable for those who surf extensively outside national borders because it does not have significant problems with coverage or high roaming charges.

  1. Call (at the cost of a regular local phone call from Italy and abroad), choose the Mediterranean micro-sector you are interested in, and listen as often as you like to the summary bulletin updated three times a day up to 10 days.
  2. The phone number you use to call will be matched to your subscription information so that it will be immediately recognized by the system and, therefore, you can immediately access your premium forecast.
  3. For the purpose of faster phone consultation, we recommend that you print out and take the table with you on the boat with the numerical coding of the micro-sectors to be typed on the phone. Alternatively, all codes will still be listed directly on the phone.

Telephone Consultations

For a tailored service, you can call (at the cost of a regular local phone call from Italy and abroad) and speak with a professional Meteomed meteorologist. In addition to describing and analyzing the expected weather conditions, our meteorologist can answer any questions you may have and follow you step by step through the navigation and cruise stages. You will also be able to take advantage of Meteomed’s weather-marine consultations outside the Mediterranean basin, for any sea in the world.

The Meteorights


Meteomed’s Meteorotte service allows you to view all the predicted marine weather parameters along your route, created automatically or manually (by setting date, departure time and average sailing speed). If you have a motor boat, you can set sail knowing that you will not encounter rough seas, thus avoiding excessive consumption or annoying discomfort on board. If, on the other hand, you are a sailor, you can avoid being without wind or with the “usual” wind in the bow that wets the deck and makes sailing more challenging.

  1. Create your own routes: thanks to the availability of data on a large number of ports, you can quickly create and save all the routes you are interested in. You will be able to edit the route you create at any time, adding intermediate waypoints and with the ability to reverse the course.
  2. You determine when to leave and how to navigate: by selecting the day and time of departure, as well as the estimated cruising speed, you can optimize your navigation according to the expected sea weather conditions at any given time along your route.
  3. Check the weather-marine forecast: Meteomed’s forecasts can be consulted in both cartographic and synoptic form. Using an accurate algorithm, the system is able to calculate hour by hour the incidence of wind and waves, as well as the sea state and forecasted weather.
  4. Your data always with you: save, print or share a PDF of your meteorotta so you can always have it at hand.

Satellite and Lightning Service

meteomed satellites and lightning

The satellite and lightning service allows you to see in real time how disturbances, clouds and thunderstorm phenomena are evolving.

We make use of Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) with RGB (red, green, blue) composition and channels between 01-11. Therefore, the product is articulated on the wavelengths of visible (to be used during the daytime with high detail) and infrared (to be used during the nighttime hours). In this way it is possible to distinguish convective systems or thunderstorms (deep white color), fog (saturated yellow color), low clouds (light yellow color) and high clouds (white color with frayed shape).

Data on lightning strikes recorded in real time and in recent hours are superimposed on the satellite product to know the exact location of thunderstorms and track their trajectory.

In summer, it is also possible to identify thunderstorm systems by cross-referencing lightning with cloud reflectivity and understand how the thunderstorm cluster moves in space and time. Summer thunderstorms are often associated with downbursts: wind gusts that are unexpected, intense (they can exceed 50 knots) and, for this reason, very dangerous. By detecting storm cells in advance, Meteomed also makes it possible to prevent their effects.

In winter , on the other hand, the service is very useful for identifying fog. Using the visible channel, since these are low clouds, they will appear yellowish in color and will be very compact, slowly evolving. Mists will be identifiable even at night because of the infrared channel.

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