Nautical line: ideal products for always having fresh water

Osmosea is a company that has been dedicated to the development, production and marketing of reverse osmosis desalinators and potabilizers for marine, civil and industrial use for more than 10 years, operating in the domestic and international market as a synonym for reliability and quality.

Osmosea’s primary goal is the complete satisfaction of its customers’ technical-functional needs, a goal achieved through the accurate production process, efficient after-sales service and, above all, a department Research and Development which plays a key and constant role in the research of materials and technology to make the plants produced by Osmosea stand out for uniqueness and innovation.

These are all factors that have enabled the company to produce a range of systems that can meet the needs of any type of Yacht: Desalinators with Energy Recovery for small and medium-sized boats and Desalinators for Mega and Super Yachts.


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