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The Tempotest Marine collection is the line of technical fabrics made by Para for the marine industry

The Tempotest Marine fabric collection is made from solution-dyed acrylic fiber, but compared to Tempotest sunscreen fabric, it is different in its finishing, treatment and construction. Tempotest Marine, made directly by Parà, is designed to provide resistance to vertical, horizontal and longitudinal pulls but also to offer great breathability to last long even in the most adverse conditions. Parà offers several fabric lines depending on the end use: Tempotest Marine, designed for awnings, cushions and sundecks. Tempotest Malmoe, waterproof fabric designed for full or partial canopies and awnings. T-Tex, PET fabric, lightweight and waterproof, ideal for partial protection and light covers; Tempotest Home, upholstery fabric ideal for cushions and sofas. Tempotest Marine combines the strength and performance of solution-dyed fabric with Made in Italy style. Thanks to the innovative Teflon EXTREME for Parà finishing, the fabrics are water and oil repellent, immune to fungal and mold growth, and resistant to stains, salt spray and color loss due to the action of U.V. rays. Tempotest Marine fabrics are covered by a 6-year warranty on color loss. Founded in 1921, Parà is a family company that stands out in the market for its recognized expertise as a manufacturer of high-quality technical fabrics, strictly Made in Italy, linked to a total government of the production cycle.


An interesting detail of the Tempotest Marine line of fabrics, which are completely water and oil repellent. Tempotest Marine’s product range is suitable for every type of sailing or motor boat and for every type of application, such as sail covering and furniture fabrics. A waterproof and breathable material that prevents mold growth and protects against ultraviolet rays is used.

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