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The flagship of French nautical engineering, combined with Italian style and elegance

For more than 30 years, the Prestige brand has embodied the excellence and craftsmanship of Jeanneau shipyards, part of the prestigious Bénéteau Group. A French shipyard but with a strongly Italian style and design. Since its inception in 1989, every single model of the Prestige brand has been designed by the pencils of Studio Garroni Design, founded by Vittorio and currently led by his son Camillo. Prestige’s DNA is based on a few fundamental concepts: intense brightness, optimized volumes, purged lines, interior luxury and, above all, innovation. Timeless vessels with elegant, bold and contemporary styling that feature spacious interiors with refined aesthetics, always tailored but implemented with semi-custom production criteria. Iconic was the Prestige 60: innovative in design, it was the first model to open the doors, to the then newly formed Prestige Yachts, of the large yacht market (over 60 feet). This model, immediately appreciated by the public, pushed Prestige toward higher standards, thanks to the goodness of a design that focused on the balance of forms and the rationality of spaces, avoiding extreme solutions now outdated. Still remaining a child of a boat industry used to “churn out” thousands of boats a year, it was not a totally custom design, thus keeping its costs more ‘humane’ and virtually opening up the line to a wider market.
Recently, with the introduction of the M-LINE line, Prestige has expanded its yacht range with two models of multihull motor yachts: the M48 and M8.


With M48 Prestige, he was able to combine the volume and space of a 65/70-foot monohull in only 48 feet (14.79 m). Designed to be a high-end multihull motor yacht, it combines large and spacious volumes in a deliberately small size, so that it can offer an excellent combination of luxury and usability. A project, particularly successful, from the hands of Camillo Garroni, Philippe Briand and Valentina Militerno de Romedis. In terms of structures, the beam is contained, reaching a maximum of only 6 meters, a solution that, absurdly, does not limit in the least the livability on board (which continues to enjoy very generous volumes), but facilitates mooring operations, or in general the movement in marinas or anchorage areas. The space between the two hulls, while generally contained, is deeper here than would be expected from a catamaran, and is itself shaped to cope with the sea in waves. Solution that not only helps disperse water by cushioning impacts, but also provides larger spaces to the interior, especially to the master cabin, which is full-beam. Finally, in addition to providing the volumes of a 60/70-footer, the Prestige M48 also operates on the comfort front through the speeds it can sustain.
In fact, non-planing hulls still allow for speeds of up to 20 knots, which can be achieved step-by-step, however, by also choosing to proceed at any intermediate speed, which is otherwise more complicated on monohulls, where the displacement-planing transition regime is less comfortable for life on board.


The latest addition to the Prestige range, the new flagship (19.8 m) follows the winning philosophy of the smaller M48. With 8.85 meters at maximum beam, between 7 and 11 people (depending on the layout chosen) plus, of course, the crew, for whom two berths are reserved, can be accommodated aboard this luxury multihull motor yacht. Its design, with sleek lines and a familiar look that immediately evokes the styles of the Prestige line, M8 offers a luxurious experience combined with impeccable comfort. The broken lines of the windows in turn lighten the wide free edges, providing a pleasing and visually light overall design. In terms of space and comfort, as on its predecessor, aft we find a hull platform, joined together by a central movable platform, ideal as a beach area and tender lift, motorized of course. Immediately beyond, a large cockpit provides space for relaxation and conviviality, furnished with freestanding furniture and pleasantly overlooking the salon, thanks to large glass doors. Also here, we find a staircase to the flybridge, a huge terrace on the sea from which to enjoy both the view and the elements.



Prestige M8
Prestige M8

With 270sqm of living space, aboard Prestige M8 life flows as serenely as on a real villa cantilevered over the sea.


Prestige M48
Prestige M48

The mobile aft platform on M48 can serve as a cockpit deck or be placed in the water to facilitate launching a tender.


Prestige M8- Master Cabin
Prestige M8- Master Cabin

The forward master stateroom of the M8 is full beam. Equipped with private bathrooms and a relaxation area with tables and seating, it offers unparalleled comfort for a multihull of this size.

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