When Made in Italy marries innovation

Quick’s signature accessories are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, guaranteeing the highest quality

Quick, a leading manufacturer of accessories for all types of boats and global service, has been a trusted supplier to the world’s most prestigious shipyards and a guarantee of quality for boat owners for more than 30 years. All Quick brand products are designed, manufactured and engineered in the company’s factories in Italy, guaranteeing the highest quality of materials, 100% Made in Italy manufacturing and great reliability. To ensure the highest levels of performance, all product finishes are taken care of down to the smallest detail. Quality of materials, product certification and timely response to customers’ requests make Quick a leading Italian company known and respected worldwide. Production processes are based on high level of craftsmanship, high automation and constant attention to sustainable production. Quick now offers the marine market multiple, well-articulated product lines: starting with Quick Nautical Equipment, which includes anchoring and mooring systems, the energy line, the water heater line, and all accessories. Then there is Quick Marine Lighting, which includes the full range of lighting products, from courtesy lights to underwater lights, integrated systems and the QNN – Quick Nautical Network device, which allows Quick systems to be integrated with navigation systems and conveniently controlled all from the same chartplotter. Finally, here is the MC2 Quick Gyro line of gyro stabilizers, capable of reducing boat roll by up to 95 percent.


MC2 Quick Gyro gyro stabilizers reduce the boat’s roll by up to 95%, both while sailing and at anchor. The range, consisting of 17 models, is designed for all kinds of needs and vessels-from small day cruisers or center consoles to superyachts-with no limits on installation, whether on initial installation or refitting.


Quick’s range of windlasses and winches offers a wide selection of products designed to equip boats from 5 to 70 meters. They are available in several models, with electric motor or hydraulic motor, vertical or horizontal axis, for installation above or below deck or on deck with integrated motor.


The maneuvering propeller is one of the most sought-after nautical accessories as it can help the skipper avoid losing the position of the bow and stern in currents and wind during mooring operations. All Quick’s signature maneuvering systems assist the owner and skipper to operate the boat in comfort and safety and are available in countless variables.

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