Sacs Marine

Sacs Marine

Sacs has known the sea deeply since 1989. In these thirty years we have become a leader in the production of “maxiribs,” identifying and anticipating every technological and aesthetic evolution and always aiming for the best possible.

Our mission is to give those who choose us the feeling of “guiding the sea,” which for us means having such profound mastery and confidence with one’s RIB that they are able to brave the waves together, feeling at home.

Each Sacs RIB is custom-built to the owner’s wishes; customization is total and each model is unique in its own way.

No detail is left to chance, no need neglected, no expectation disregarded. Each Sacs RIB reflects the taste of its owner, like a prestigious tailor-made suit.

The evolution of design

Founded in the province of Milan in 1989, within just a few years SACS has established itself as a leading company in the production and marketing of inflatable boats for recreational boating. This was made possible by the choice of excellence as the guiding thread of everything, the high expertise of the professionals, the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies, and above all the understanding of a new need: to combine the performance of a RIB with the comfort of a luxury yacht. Every SACS RIB is designed on the water, to be understood as a common thread in every detail of it, made to make the sea element live to the fullest for the owners who choose us, emphasizing its merits and making sailing more and more comfortable. We aim for a premium segment of the market, making innovative and unique products in terms of design, size, character, and performance.

Sacs Marine

SACS Marine: part of the Laserline Group

Since 2006, SACS has been part of the Laserline Group – a business with differentiated activities in the fields of automotive, electronics, information technology and security – of which it is the flagship. Our vision, has evolved over time and today aims to respond more and more to the needs of a changing market that seeks style, design, comfort and safety and is well aware of its needs and desires. Since 2008, SACS srl has adopted a Quality Management System involving product, process and site organization with ISO 9001 certification issued by RINA Service SPA (Certificate No. 18543/08/s).

In 2016 Sacs launched the Rebel 47, the first in a series of RIBs that are revolutionary and subversive in form and content. Designed to upset conventions by using technologies already applied in military and civilian rescue, the Rebel 47 features a unique design and out-of-the-ordinary performance for those who are never satisfied and want to challenge the sea-and themselves-once more. With the Rebel 47, SACS once again demonstrates its key role in the nautical market, increasingly establishing itself as a unique company that knows well the formula for its own success.

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