Schenker Desalinators

Who we are

was founded in 1998.
The company’s mission is immediately clear: to revolutionize the watermaker market by making them smaller, energy efficient, easy to use, and always reliable.
With in-depth knowledge of the needs of boaters, the team
has succeeded in improving the lives of many enthusiasts.

Driven by innovation

To achieve the goal of revolutionizing the market,
has always invested significant resources in research and development.
In doing so, the company has created an incredibly innovative device, the Energy Recovery System (ERS). This system amplifies the pressure of ordinary low-pressure pumps and recovers all the hydraulic energy back from the membranes. The result is a reduction in power consumption of up to 80%, as well as quiet operations unprecedented in the world of desalinators.
In addition to ERS, Schenker is the owner of 3 other patents, several certifications for the quality of production activities, and winner of numerous awards.

Zen Desalinators

In 2018, Schenker is launching the
Zen range of desalinators.
, with production capacities of 30, 50, 100 and 150 liters per hour.
The design is attractive and tasteful, the structure compact and ultra-flat, the operations quiet and efficient, the usability stunning.
Success in the entire boating world was immediate.

Environmental Sustainability

As climate-related issues became more pronounced around the world, the boating market could not sit idly by. And, of course, neither does
Over the years, the company has developed increasingly eco-friendly products that can reduce the energy consumption of boats and, most importantly, make the use-and disposal-of plastic bottles on board unnecessary.
Schenker’s philosophy is one of total respect for the sea, because passions must be cultivated with proper responsibility.

Water purification

Pursuing the goal of making boating increasingly eco-friendly,
has developed the Pick&Drink system.
The device makes it possible to make the water in the reservoir perfectly drinkable and great-tasting, in an absolutely simple and energy-free way.
Another victory in the war on plastics.

The interview



A company’s strength depends not only on the quality of its products, but also on their distribution.
Therefore, over the years
has established an active distribution network in 34 countries to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

Schenker Feed

Aware of the complexity of the market in which it operates,
wanted to create an online magazine that would serve as a guide to the world of desalinators.

Feed was born in 2021, approaching the market with the simplicity that distinguishes the company.

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