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Here are the radars with superior power and performance

Created to revolutionize the boating market, Simrad Yachting radars offer unparalleled performance

Simrad Yachting’s two innovative high-performance radars – Halo®2000 and Halo®3000 – are now the most powerful on the market, both featuring higher pulse compression and improved detection ranges. Other key integrations, such as Bird+ mode, ZoneTrackTM and alerts for Dangerous Targets, offer users more technical and security benefits. “We are proud to be the pioneers of solid-state radar for recreational boating,” explained Kevin Steinbraker, Digital Systems VP and General Manager of Navico Group, “and we are excited about the performance of our most powerful models ever. In fact, the next-generation open array radars offer even more power and resolution than before, as well as improved safety, accuracy and range. By combining the advanced pulse pattern with best-in-class resolution, we can offer all types of boaters the best radar on the market for target detection, resolution, system reliability and ease of use.” In fact, Halo 2000 has 50 W of power providing up to 72 nautical miles of visibility, while Halo 3000, Simrad’s most powerful open array radar ever with 130 W of power, covers up to 96 nautical miles. Day or night, rain or fog, the Halo®2000 and Halo®3000 radars are therefore a truly essential tool for boaters, perfect for monitoring weather conditions, approaching vessels and obstacles without surprises.


Simrad offers a range of Halo Open Array radars for yachts of all types, diversified according to the type of boating activity preferred. The Bird+ mode, exclusive to the Halo®3000 series, helps deep-sea fishermen detect birds that signal the presence of fish, while for boaters Halo®2000 offers the power to detect, better and at greater distances, storm cells.


Many and all useful are the main functions of the Halo®2000 and Halo®3000 radars, including: ZoneTrack detects and tracks radar targets in a designated area; VelocityTrack identifies and monitors all radar targets and displays them best using color codes; User Default Mode (can be Harbor – Open Sea – Weather – Bird) allows radar settings to be optimized to meet specific sailing conditions; Target Tracking is simultaneous short-, medium- and long-range detection of multiple objects with tracking history; Dangerous Target Alerts made for distance, bearing and direction of other vessels; Target Watch allows manual selection of specific targets.
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