Stress-free sailing is a matter of… stability

Smartgyro’s innovative, high-tech gyro stabilizers improve life on board

Being tossed about by rough seas is an experience no one hopes to endure on a boat, whether as a guest or as a crew member. For years, on-board gyroscopic stabilization systems have therefore been a popular solution for a wide range of boaters, primarily because they can effectively improve life on board by counteracting the rolling that causes seasickness and stress. However, the needs and expectations of today’s shipowners are constantly evolving. Thus, just in response to the demand for a new, simpler, state-of-the-art stabilization standard, Smartgyro stabilizers prove that not all technological solutions are equal. And while it is true that time is the real luxury today, here is where Smartgyro stabilizers are designed to minimize not only boat roll, but also downtime. From a technological point of view, the outstanding innovation introduced by Smartgyro gyro stabilizers lies in the modular mechanical design. Currently, in fact, Smartgyro units are the only ones on the market that can be assembled and serviced directly on board. A unique feature and one that provides new design opportunities and increased installation potential on vessels with narrow access spaces. A great success for Smartgyro: established in 2014 and based in La Spezia, the company now has a worldwide network at its disposal with the support of strategic partner Yanmar and its companies, including VETUS, Maxwell and Flexofold.


The Smartgyro units’ advanced control electronics operate in all conditions with an efficient module, motion sensors, and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to monitor and process yacht behavior data as well as flywheel speed and position in real time. Meanwhile, the pressurized closed-loop braking system controls the gyro using hydraulic cylinders and a proportional valve. Even when navigating, Smartgyro units automatically lock in the gyro contrast force, ensuring safe and smooth driving.

Ideal for both new construction and refit work, Smartgyro outriggers offer additional innovations in control electronics, braking system, water cooling, and ball vacuum. In fact, in the event of a leak or after opening the sphere for a repair, a built-in pump automatically restores the optimal vacuum so as to limit heat generation and energy consumption of the unit.

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