Sunseeker Italy

Sunseeker Italy

Sunseeker Italy in Lavagna is the point of reference for owners of the famous British shipyard, but especially for those who want to buy a Sunseeker yacht. A completely renovated venue both aesthetically, it could be called a boutique, and in people with a professional and highly experienced team.

Sunseeker Italy is part of the Sunseeker London Group, the official distributor of the British shipyard: an international entity that can meet every need of the shipowner. An official network that speaks directly with the shipyard and accompanies the owner from fabric selection to boat launching.

Sunseeker Italy, simply unique

Owning a Sunseeker, whether new or used, means enjoying an exclusive lifestyle, and Sunseeker Italy is here to help you. Uniqueness is the key word, both in terms of our assistance and our boats. This is the feature of Sunseeker Italy that will allow you to create the boat of your dreams. Not simply in terms of your choice of materials or fabrics but also considering the essential aspects of your personality and lifestyle, which will also be reflected in your boat.

That is why we invite our customers to personally visit the Sunseeker shipyard and see for themselves the production of these world-renowned and luxurious motor yachts. This will give you the opportunity to meet the designers, learn about our production techniques, and appreciate the passion and attention to quality in building; characteristics that have taken the Sunseeker brand to an unparalleled level. We will support you throughout the process of building your boat.

The motor boat tailored to you

During our time together, it will be our priority to listen carefully to your wishes and what you like least, so that we can meet and exceed your expectations. Once you are clear about your needs, our craftsmen will proceed to build your Sunseeker boat following your “tailor-made” specification.

In keeping with the standards of Sunseeker London Group, of which we are a part, we are able to provide dedicated customer service for both new and used boats. Not only that, we can also assist you in arranging a charter or simply a mooring. Sunseeker Italy’s highly qualified team is available to provide you with all the assistance you need.

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