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So the windlass becomes smart

Control anchor descent and ascent directly from your smartphone

The MFC-MK4.1 is the wireless system that allows you to control from a smartphone or tablet any winch or electric winch installed on board the boat. System Innovation Group, an Italian startup founded in 2020, directly followed all stages of the realization of this product, both from the hardware and Magic Fly Electronics proprietary software point of view. From the idea, born from the direct experience of the partners and their passion for the boating world, to the design and industrialization. The device has been patented and certified, especially to fulfill the stringent safety regulations that must not be lacking on a boat. Its operation is very simple, just open the app that can be installed via Google Play Store and Apple and control the winch directly from there. The app’s interface is truly intuitive and allows all anchoring and hauling operations to be managed with a tap, implementing smart functions such as automatic tunaing and lowering, with the ability to keep track of the meters of chain lowered at all times. Installation is very quick: you place the small box containing the hardware (10 x 6 x 3 cm) on the control box and connect it to the windlass winch or winch you intend to control. Once powered up, the MFC-MK4.1 can connect directly to an existing WiFi network, ideally the on-board network, or it can itself generate a WiFi signal to which it connects all the devices with which it is intended to control the system. To avoid safety problems, the operation of the system never overrides that of the original controls.


From the Magic Fly Connect app, it is so easy to control the operation of the system. The functions are all available in a single screen from which it is also possible to know how many users are connected and if necessary to disconnect them for security reasons. The hardware contains a next-generation microprocessor that allows total control of all safeties entered and calibrated in the system. The MFC-MK4.1 always operates in symbiosis with the original system without compromising its functionality.

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