TecnoRib – PIRELLI Speed Boats

Tecnorib and Pirelli, the prestige of a great brand

Power, performance, quality and comfort

TecnoRib began operations in 2005 . There is a clear goal right from the start: to design, build and market PIRELLI-branded inflatables. From 2005 to the present, these inflatables have garnered increasing success and are now at the top of the high-end rib.

TecnoRib began its operations in 2005 with the mission to design, build, and distribute a new range of PIRELLI-branded rigid inflatables. To this end, it has entered into a brand license agreement with Pirelli & C. SpA for the application of the Pirelli Group ‘s most prestigious brands on these new inflatables. It was no simple challenge to elevate a product hitherto considered “minor” in a way that reflected the prestige of a brand synonymous with quality and safety, as well as performance and style.

A success story in inflatable boats

The first product launched, the 770, made its debut at the Pirelli Regattas in Santa Margherita Ligure, in May 2006. Over the next ten years, the range was expanded to include. PIRELLI 1400, who quickly became an icon of style and performance. In 2015 was introduced the tender range to offer discerning boat owners a dinghy with the same manufacturing excellence found in larger projects.

As of 2017 The relationship between TecnoRib and Pirelli is managed under the Pirelli Design project, whose goal, in line with the Pirelli Group’s focus on segments Prestige and Premium, is to increase the growth of the PIRELLI brand Developing specific design projects to offer unique products, iconic and unique In their genre.

In September of the same year, the new flagship PIRELLI 1900, redefining the boundaries in this area. Today the company has a great mission: to offer discerning owners of inflatable boats from 3 to 19 meters, built entirely in Italy and characterized by high performance, top quality and refined design.

The latest addition is the Pirelli 42, an inflatable boat that has been able to garner international acclaim right from the start. Now on the way is the Pirelli 35, a new rib from the company that wants to continue the history of great successes created so far.

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