Tourism Board of Croatia

Croatia Tourism Board: why it is beautiful to discover

A vacation in Croatia, for those who love the sea and nature, is always a true rejuvenating time, not just a simple boat vacation. And it will be so both for those who like to plan their vacations above and below deck, and for many who only this year have found in the (sailing) boat a personal and “faraway” place in which to escape to find a journey away from a daily grind more than ever.

Croatia Tourism Board: where the sea is always bluer

So far you have not had the opportunity to sail along the Croatian coast, but do you think about it every year? Croatia’s affiliation with the world’s leading nautical destinations is clear, but there are many elements of the wide range of offerings for boaters that can be adapted to each different vacation lifestyle. The secret of the popularity of the Croatian coast is that along it, in addition to natural beauty, it is possible to find a real variety of content whose common denominator is well-being, “marine” and spiritual. In short, it is not surprising that Croatia has been the most popular destination for charter sailboats for many years now, as well as for all other types of recreational boats, including family boats, powerboats and yachts, catamarans, inflatable boats, and sea kayaks.

Croatia Tourism Board: why it is beautiful to discover

That is why it is wonderful to “discover” Croatia by sea personally and choose the corner closest to your heart. The first and most visible reason for a trip to Croatia is its natural beauty.

Croatia has 1,244 islands, islets, and reefs, but what makes them special is not their number, but the fact that they form countless bays and coves, beaches, caves, and cliffs, while places of unspoiled natural beauty are intertwined with charming coastal towns. This unique 250-nautical-mile archipelago enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, which makes sailing fun and enjoyable. There are as many as five national parks on the Croatian coast, three of which are typically maritime (Brijuni, Kornati and Mljet), one mountain (Paklenica) and one maritime-river (Krka). To immerse yourself in their beauty, simply point the bow in the desired direction.

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