Toy Marine

Toy boats are special boats

Toys are really special. These are boats that, even from underneath, give the impression of seaworthiness and seaworthiness. That pronounced V in the bow, that step and those skids give confidence. Because the shipyard’s style is based on harmonious lines that recall the stylistic features of classic yachting, unchanging canons that define a beautiful boat, which always pleases and never gets old.

Toy Marine

Toy Marine, the essence of yachting

Each element is designed to balance tradition and design. Thus were born the Toy, technologically advanced, comfortable and reliable boats that are safe in all conditions. The particularly marine hull ensures course stability even in rough seas as well as a steady ride at all speeds. Toy Marine is founded in 2002 by Aldo Tomasina and Alessandro Novella with the idea of making powerboats with a strong marine layout and classic elegance. The historical reference model goes back to the American boats of the 1930s, Lobster Boat and Fast Commuter with high performance and legendary seaworthiness, which is joined by another important source of inspiration: the Italian shipbuilding tradition of the 1960s that produced extremely elegant boats with the highest quality finishes.

Toy Marine

Quality Production: Toy Marine

At each stage of production, a strict control protocol ensures the quality of all processing. Toy Marine engineers are engaged in continuous research to identify and adopt the best solutions-each element is chosen to meet the high standards of functionality and quality required. All details made at the Shipyard are finished with craftsmanship and rigorously tested. A thorough study was conducted for all boats with the aim of limiting noise and vibration as much as possible, a key feature to ensure comfort while sailing. In addition, the optimization of the engine and propulsion system, together with the efficiency of the water lines and hull geometry, ensure limited fuel consumption and low environmental impact.

Maintenance services and refitting

The shipyard is located in the port of Savona, 45 km west of Genoa and 130 km from the Principality of Monaco, and is available to our clients for all their after sail and refitting needs.

Read Toy 51’s test here.


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