With these on your feet you sail safe and balanced

Designed and made entirely in Italy, Wave is the sailing shoe with the highest grip ever created

The shoe is sometimes the only point of contact of a ve- list with the boat, for example during the most delicate moments of racing when one has to move fast and without slipping, perhaps on to- so wet deck surfaces. Therefore, it is very important that the grip of the shoes provide security and stable grip. The Wave model Spider Shoes were created by U-SAIL specifically to provide every sailor with a comfortable, safe, grippy, and quick-drying shoe, plus a modern, good-looking design. Not only that: this futuristic shoe was designed and re- alized in Italy, in the Marche footwear district, one of the flagships of quality Made in Italy. From a technical point of view, the main feature of the Wave is the sole, which has an anti-slip tread
unparalleled and houses four small holes to drain any water that may enter the shoe. The inner sole, made of hydrophobic fabric, is then equipped with drainage holes that ensure quick drying. The outer upper is made of water-repellent leather and contains the foot well by supporting it, including at the heel. In addition, there is a special detail on the tongue: there is a small pocket in which to insert the laces, to avoid re- getting caught. The Wave’s great usefulness in the boat is such that so many famous sailors choose them, such as 12-time world sailing title winner Francesco Mongelli, who has worn them on several boats. The last sailor to be conquered by U-SAIL is Cecilia Zorzi, who with her Wave on her feet is about to set sail for the mythical The Ocean Race.


The sole of the Wave is truly unique: water runs off thanks to the groove and drainage holes, so the tread can keep the shoe firm and steady. This allows the wearer to maintain balance without slipping, even on very wet inclined planes. Indeed, several crews have chosen to wear waves to take on challenging regattas. And the last sailor to rely on the unique U-SAIL boat shoes is Cecilia Zorzi who is about to set sail on the great adventure of The Ocean Race.



Despite being extremely durable and solid, the shoe has a very low overall weight: just 269 grams, like a running shoe. Not to mention that the Wave’s minimal, understated look allows them to be worn even once off the boat. They are sneakers suitable for different situations, great to match with smart-casual clothing.

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