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It has already won an America’s Cup: Ubi Maior is a company that brings Made in Italy to the world

Ubi Maior Italia was born from the desire to offer deck equipment for sailboats of the highest functional and construction quality. Ubi Maior Italia synthesizes craftsmanship knowledge, the latest production techniques and the experience of those who have made their passion for sailing their life. Every effort is directed toward designing and producing components that allow the boat to be fully managed and exploited for performance while having reliability and durability as the goal.
Hence the decision to derive our products through mechanical machining of materials of the highest structural quality. Products are conceived and designed by our Engineering Department, and prototypes are immediately made by the Production Department. The constant collaboration of all departments of our company, located in one plant, allows us to have a wide collection of products and to be able to study custom lines for any type of boat. Each block, pulley, reel or custom component is made in our factory using state-of-the-art machinery and software and true to the ISO 9001 quality system. Structural testing is carried out on every Ubi Maior Italia creation, both in-house and using certified laboratories. Subsequent sea trials allow us to come to define the quality of the product. One of Ubi Maior’s most important achievements within a few years of its inception was participating in and winning an America’s Cup as an Official Supplier.



UBIMAIOR ITALIA bollards combine innovative design and cutting-edge technology. The pursuit of aesthetic functionality has always been a goal of the Italian company. Available in both aluminum and steel, UBIMAIOR ITALIA bollards cover a range for boats from 40 feet up to 100-foot boats. Each UBI MAIOR product can be customized with the name or logo of the vessel.

Mylius 76 Egi 4

Ubi Maior Italy
Via di Serravalle 22 50065 Molino del Piano Pontassieve (FI)
Tel. 055 8364421 Fax 055 8364614
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