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Cutting-edge technology, ease of use and stylish design make all Veratron products unique

Born out of VDO Marine Instruments, a historic Swiss yacht and sailboat solutions company, Veratron works to create better and better products for the future. Highest precision and the use of state-of-the-art technology have always remained as important as ease of use and attractive design. To ensure total reliability, even under the harshest conditions, all products undergo extensive testing and quality assurance procedures. Such as the VMH 70 display, which, only 5 mm thick, is designed to handle large amounts of data through its operating system, ensuring full control of vital engine and boat information within a few thousandths of a second of being turned on. It is guaranteed to operate under extreme conditions of temperature and battery degradation so the owner can forget about the problems of operating at high temperatures and the long waits before the system is operational. Easily configurable it can display the information of 4 motors when connected with NMEA2000 or 2 motors via J1939 and can handle several analog inputs at the same time. This allows monitoring of a huge amount of different data such as engine performance, battery performance, tank level, rudder and trim, onboard systems, navigation and weather. It has a built-in light sensor that makes it easy to read in all conditions, while two camera inputs allow you to check the engine compartment while sailing and the bridge while maneuvering.


Whatever the boat, a dead battery ruins the day. The new VL Flex intelligent battery monitoring kit provides detailed information from it in real time. It combines two cutting-edge products, the award-winning Veratron smart battery sensor and the revolutionary VL Flex tool. The sensor measures and reports voltage, current, and temperature, and shows additional critical data such as the state of charge and health of the battery and the remaining range. The device works either for a single 12 V lead-acid, gel, or AGM battery or for a combination of two 12 V batteries in a 24 V unit. The VL Flex is no ordinary instrument: using the remote button, it scrolls pages to display a numerical value and a colored bar graph. on the built-in 1.44-inch display, and is easily configured via the Intelligent Battery Monitor mobile app for Android and iOS. It comes in 9 frames, different color and shape to fit each instrument panel. Pairing an optional stainless steel level sensor expands the monitoring kit to also take care of fuel or water levels.

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