5 record boats designed by the genius of Fabio Buzzi


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The genius of Fabio Buzzi, recently died in an accident, in the world of motor boats seen through five of his creatures. In the next issue cartaceous of Motor Boats we will go into more detail, but in the meantime we see some of his “magic” that have made the history of boating.


Adrian Panatta’s record boat

Powered by a turbo diesel engine Adriano Panatta, already famous world champion in tennis, in 1992 set the world record, 238 km/h, with the Tre Punti by Fabio Buzzi that you see below. Panatta achieved the speed record in the inboard class with no limitation. The record was set on Lake Como, after the boat had been prepared by the guru, Buzzi, with an 840 hp turbo diesel engine.

Panatta’s record boat

Tecno’ 40

At the 1992 edition of Venezia-Montecarlo, Buzzi decided to surprise everyone by presenting himself at the starting line with a rib designed by him with 40′ feet, complete with a cabin with three beds. And while two of “his” boats won the race (the first with the Della Valle-Pozzetto duo on board), Buzzi finished fourth and first among the prototypes. Not bad for a rubber dinghy among the racing boats. Always in a rubber dinghy, he gave a sound lesson to the Americans at Miami-New York in 1994.

novamarine buzzi
Tecno 40′

Great Argentina

Three times Superboat World Champion and universally known as one of the fastest monohulls in the world, has a deep V-shaped monohull built of carbon fiber with a system of stabilization of the boat at high speeds, able to compensate for the weight of large diesel engines. The crew of two is seated in a “capsule” designed on the shell of an F16 military aircraft, while four Biturbo Seatek diesel engines with a total power of 3300 KW push it up to 115 knots. This boat also broke the record over long distances when it completed the gruelling endurance race Miami-Nassau-Miami at an average speed of over 100 knots.


CESA 1882

Probably the most famous boat designed by Fabio Buzzi is the CESA 1882. Born in 1985, after just a few years it received important structural interventions that made it a super performing boat. In 1988 the boat goes down in history as CESA 1882, named after the sponsor, winning more than any other boat in the world: 17 consecutive podiums, with 3 second places and 14 first places.

This boat wasn’t only Italian, European and World Champion for the U.I.M. (International Motor Boating Union), but also, in November, World Champion for the A.P.B.A. (American Power Boat Association) in Key West and winner of the Miami-Nassau-Miami. It was later named Gancia dei Gancia. Led by Stefano Casiraghi and Romeo Ferraris, she won the World Championship in Atlantic City, becoming the only boat to do so twice in a row. But in 1990 the U.I.M.I.M. decided to penalize diesel engines, and for the Gancia dei Gancia dei Gancia it was the end. He then returned to the track with FPT Racing.

Cesa 1882
Cesa 1882

At 277.51 km/h, a new record

In March 2018 Fabio Buzzi returned to the track on Lake Como to break the 1992 record. The record made with the boat you see below is set at 277.515 km/h and certified by two representatives of the Guinness World Record. It was driven by an engine born in the agricultural industry, the FPT C16, rethought in a marine version with a total of 1,700 horsepower. After its performance on Lake Como, it became the fastest marine diesel in the world.



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  1. The first diesel powered boat I ever saw was Red Iveco ,a 4 engine turbo diesel 44ft F&B cat. Since then Buzzi was always coming out with a newer and faster boat! Tragedy struck and we lost an Icon of power boat racing! Fabio Buzzi was the Best! At 76 he had no intention of retiring!

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