That’s why Ferretti and Sanlorenzo are teaming up to save Perini Navi

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ferretti sanlorenzo perini navi

ferretti sanlorenzo perini navi

Perini Navi – M/Y 55.7m GALILEO G – Perini Navi

In the automotive world, deals between large rival groups are not so strange. Now it seems that the time has come for alliances between rival super-group in the nautical world as well. Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo are creating a NewCo, a new company, to take over and relaunch Perini Navi, which filed for bankruptcy on January 29. This NewCo is an equal joint venture, i.e., split 50-50.

Perini Navi: Sanlorenzo and Ferretti together?

The scenario now that the two groups are teaming up changes significantly. The importance of the two groups (455.9 million in sales in 2019 for Sanlorenzo, 649 million for Ferretti) downsizes the other players interested in buying the Perini brand and assets: Italian Sea Group and Palumbo Superyachts.

Why Ferretti is interested in Perini Navi

The Ferretti Group, with a Chinese majority (86.8% is held by the Shandong Heavy Industry Group-Weichai of president Tan Xuguang, with 13.2 in the hands of Piero Ferrari, Enzo’s son), 649 million turnovers in 2019, has eight brands under its aegis (Ferretti, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN, Custom Line, Wally Yachts) and one foot in the sailing world after the acquisition of Wally. There is great interest in the assets of Perini, which specialized in the construction of large sailing yachts, considering that, in fact, Wally does not have a real production site.

Why Sanlorenzo cares about Perini Navi

Sanlorenzo is a listed company and has closed 2019 with a turnover of 455.9 million euros: the group led by CEO Massimo Perotti, which builds superyachts from 27 to 70 meters, is interested not only in the Perini brand but also in the assets of Perini Navi. This is because two of its three factories are in Spezia (the former Beconcini shipyard, for refit & repair of megayachts) and in Viareggio (the head office) just like those of Sanlorenzo (which counts on the third factory in Massa). 

The stock market listing certainly provides great credibility to the brand, which should therefore act in transparency with a solid, forward-looking business plan. This is such an opportunity for Sanlorenzo to enter the sailing superyacht market. Although it is a niche market compared to the motor market, it is easier to navigate with an internationally recognized brand like Perini. 

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