Fiat 500 Offshore (4.7 m), Italy’s most pop car becomes a boat


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Fiat 500 Offshore
Car 500 Off-Shore

A Fiat 500 sailing in the middle of the sea or in the middle of the lake. It is not a dream, but it is a reality born in the province of Naples, and soon you will have to get used to seeing the typical shapes of the automotive best seller floating by. The project is ambitious but has already started, and after the press presentation, production of the Car 500 Offshore will also be started.

Fiat 500 Offshore: The 500 that floats (and sails at 30 knots)

The idea came from Antonio Pietro Maria Galasso, a 24-year-old from Santa Maria la Carità, a municipality in the Metropolitan City of Naples. Thanks to the support of the Fiat Licensing Office and the Fiat Style Center, the dream of taking a Fiat 500 to sail came true, giving birth to Car 500 Offshore. At 4.7 meters long and 1.7 meters wide, the 500 del mare is an all-Italian project that enhances one of the most recognized icons of Made in Italy in the World, the iconic car of Italy’s most popular car manufacturer (now owned by the Stellantis Group): the Fiat 500. It will be made in a limited edition of only 500 numbered pieces and is a symbol that manages to combine elegance and functionality, with the aim of communicating the excellence of Italian craftsmanship everywhere.

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Perfect for sailing along the beautiful coastline and within the many lakes of Italy, the Car 500 Offshore has atrimaran hull with 3 V-shaped hulls and plenty of possibilities for color customization. Every effort has been made to safeguard the iconic details of the car in the boat as well, but with technologies and materials adapted to the marine environment, starting with the glass that echoes the windshield, the center console, and the steering wheel to steer the rudder. The mirrors (side and rear view mirrors ) as well as the rear and front light clusters are in every way identical to those on the road-going 500, while the two seats are two very comfortable quilted chaise lounges. The vessel has a fuel tank capacity of 70 liters, 45 for water, and a displacement of 550 kilograms. Up to five people can board.

Speaking of propulsion, a basic outboard motor is planned with a 40-horsepower Mercury, capable of developing a top speed around 30 knots. More powerful engines, up to 115 horsepower, can also be installed if desired to exceed 35 knots of maximum speed.

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2 thoughts on “Fiat 500 Offshore (4.7 m), Italy’s most pop car becomes a boat”

  1. Michael Greenberg

    Michael Greenberg

    I’m interested in opportunity to own one of these special boats…. I have two fiat Jolly’s in California that is love.

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