The comfortable registration-free (10m) cruiser: FIM 340 Regina

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FIM 340 Regina

FIM 340 Regina under way

A registration-free (LH: 9.98 m) craft designed to combine performance, customization and comfort. The FIM 340 Regina is the latest addition to Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi’s range and is proposed as a versatile unit suitable for day outings and short-range cruises. How? Combining an extra-comfortable deck plan and a roomy lower deck with accommodation of up to 4 guests.

FIM 340 Regina

Even on smaller sizes, owners want to find a standard of liveability that brings the boats in question closer to larger models. For these reasons, we have included the FIM 340 Regina in our list of new boats not to be missed in 2022 between 9 and 10 metres . Let’s get on board and see what she looks like.

FIM 340 Regina - Stern

FIM 340 Regina – Stern

FIM 340 Regina – Deck

Starting from the stern, the platform is designed to allow easy access to the boat, even with two outboard engines. The boat has a modular cockpit, which is the strong point at the stern. By now we find this feature on many models, but Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi has interpreted it in a rather original way. The result is a wide sundeck with a walkway on the sides, so as not to disturb those lying down when moving around on board.

FIM 340 Regina

FIM 340 Regina

When set up as a dining area with a central table, the seating extends across the entire width of the boat up to the sides. IThis way you can sit comfortably without having to huddle together to make room for your guests. An optional galley overlooks the cockpit, maintaining direct contact between the cook and the seated. Forward of the galley is a helm console with a sporty design and a focus on user-friendliness.

FIM 340 Regina at sea

FIM 340 Regina at sea

This area can be protected by a sporty t-top or a standard one, while as standard it is enveloped by a windscreen. In general, various solutions can be studied on board, as can the entire deck, which can be customised to suit requirements. In the bow we find the purest relaxation area of the new FIM, equipped with a large sundeck.

FIM 340 Regina – Lower Deck

Everything we have seen so far shows that on deck the FIM 340 Regina is dedicated to a day at sea. At the same time, special attention has also been paid to the space below deck.

FIM 340 Regina - Bow dinette

FIM 340 Regina – Bow dinette

There are four berths divided between a convertible dinette in the bow and a cabin with two single berths in the stern that can also be configured as a French bed thanks to an insert for an additional cushion. Below deck there is also a bathroom with a separate shower cubicle.

FIM 340 Regina - Stern cabin

FIM 340 Regina – Stern cabin

FIM 340 Regina – Propulsion

On board a sporty dayboat, power is certainly not a secondary issue. On board this motorboat you can choose between different configurations. The maximum power is 700 horsepower with Volvo V8 Dps sterndrives and two Yamaha 600 outboards.


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  • LOA: 10.4 m
  • LH: 9.98 m
  • Beam: 2.99 m
  • Displacement: 5,450 kg

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