First boat, 5 cabin cruisers (5-6 m) for less than 60 thousand euros


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Merry Fisher 605 series 2
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605 series 2

Looking for your first boat? They are small, agile, and increasingly equipped. At the Boat Shows, we looked around for cruiser-launched powerboats that were also compact in price. Enjoying going out to sea (whether fishing or relaxing), not only in the day, but also for longer, is what a great many boaters like to do. Here is our list of 5 new cabin boats under, or around, 60,000 euros.

A cabin cruiser as a first motor boat

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605 Series 2 – 5.66 m

A powerboat that is considered a first-entry, but potentially offers much more. First and foremost, the Merry Fisher 605 can be a good first boat  option. It is a cabin cruiser hull that is protected and safe, making it ideal for comfort outings, whether these are with friends or family. Characteristics that make it a vehicle for any season and suitable for many activities: whether these be small-scale fishing, out-of-town trips or just pure enjoyment of the sea. Towable, equipped with bunks and easy to maneuver, this boat has all the makings of whole days of fun.

Shipyards: Jeanneau
– Length Over All
– (LOA): 5.66 m
– Maximum beam: 2.44 m
– Maximum Engine Rating: 115 hp
– Standard Hull: about 34,000 €
– Standard Hull + Yamaha Motorization: about €45,700
More Details:

first boat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605 series 2
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605 series 2

Beneteau Antares 6 – 5.70 m

Built on the latest generation of outboard hulls, Beneteau’s Antares 6 is an ideal fisher-cruiser for those who enjoy fishing, or who want a small boat that is safe, cabinable, well sheltered and comfortable. Equipped with a ported engine up to 115 horsepower, this 5.70-meter combines comfort and conviviality, providing, in addition to a spacious cockpit with sofas, a well-finished interior with a berth, toilet, dining area and kitchenette. An ideal every-season solution for those seeking a passe-partout boat, a mix of comfort, performance and versatility to enjoy year-round.
Shipyard: Beneteau
– Length Over All
(LOA): 5.70 m
– Maximum beam: 2.40 m
– Maximum Engine Rating: 115 hp
– Standard Hull: about 33,500 €
– Minimum motorization: about 10,000
– More

Beneteau Antares 6
Beneteau Antares 6

First boat options – Mingolla Brava 22 WA – 6.42 m

The Brava 22 WA presents itself as an ideal boat for days or weekends at sea. Complete and fast, it offers both a forward berth and an on-board toilet, necessary to extend one’s time at sea, while the deck is spacious and dedicated to relaxation. Indeed, in the bow we find a large full-beam sundeck, while in the cockpit, beyond the wheelhouse seat, is a large corner sofa. In addition to the various optional extras offered by Mingolla Boatyard< including awning and refrigerator) the Brava 22 WA also offers the advantage of being trolleyable. The recommended engine rating is 150 horsepower, which can be increased to 200 if desired.

Shipyard: Mingolla Boatyard – Length Out All
(LOA): 6.42 m
– Maximum beam: 2.45 m
– Maximum Motorization: 200 hp
– Standard Hull: about 36,000 €
– Standard hull + 150 hp motorization: about €45,000
More Details:

first boat Brava 22 WA
Mingolla Brava 22 WA

Ranieri Next 220 SH – 7.35 m

For those looking for a boat that can extend a single day at sea, or otherwise offer interiors in which to possibly retire, the Next 220 SH offers a solution. In fact, in its 7.35 meters it offers not only a cockpit sofa and a large, well-maintained forward sundeck, but also 3 beds below deck and high-performance engines, ranging from 115 to 250 horsepower.

Shipyards: Ranieri International
– Length Over All (LOA): 7.35 m
– Maximum beam: 2.50 m
– Maximum Motorization: 250 hp
– Standard Hull: about 47,000 €
– F115 Mercury engine: about €12,000
– More Details:

Ranieri Next 220 SH
Ranieri Next 220 SH

First boat options – Parker 700 Pilothouse – 7.5 m (cabin cruiser)

Parker 700 Pilothouse, a 7.5-meter boat designed to meet all the needs of the amateur angler within small dimensions. Equipped with a particularly well-designed hull, the glide point is relatively low, while wide broad sides limit the arrival of splashes and waves on deck. The space in the bow is reduced, but to ensure a more advanced pilothouse, a solution that improves weight balance and gives more space to the cockpit, the focus of the activity for which the boat is designed. Below deck we find V berth and toilet, while on the bridge two ergonomic armchairs and optional kitchenette. The engine is 250 horsepower and can be equipped with bow-thruster. Five to eight people can be taken on board

Shipyard: Parker Poland
– Length Over All (LOA):7.50 m
– Maximum beam: 2.50 m
– Maximum Motorization: 250 hp
– Standard Hull: about 49,000 €
– Suzuki DF115A motorization: about €13,000

Parker 700 Pilothouse
Parker 700 Pilothouse

Prices all refer to index values and/or estimates. They may consequently vary over time and/or in relation to different dealers and reference options. Prices do not include any transportation. For more detailed information rely on the official reference sites.


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