FIRST BOAT – TOP 5 boats presented in 2020 from 5 to 8 metres


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axopar 22 spyder
Axopar 22 Spyder

The cost is low, the size is also small. The fun and freedom to enjoy the sea have no limits with these boats, which are ideal both for those approaching motorboating for the first time and for those looking for a practical way to get away from the crowds, enjoy water sports and explore the coast.

Motorboat: 5 new models up to 8 metres not to be missed

Saxdor 200 SPORT

Saxdor Yachts is the latest idea from Sakari Mattila. Not a big jet ski, let’s be clear, because the characteristics are exactly those of a boat. The standard seats, however, undoubtedly resemble a scooter.

Let’s get to the point: Saxdor 200 SPORT is a 6-meter boat that in the basic version is equipped with a 100-horsepower Mercury outboard. The top speed is around 34 knots. The price of a new boat? 22.140 €, excluding VAT, already motorized.
So, for those who want more performance, it is possible to choose a more powerful motorization already on the Saxdor 200 SPORT or switch to the Saxdor 200 SPORT PRO, designed for more powerful engines.

The standard boat is equipped with a triple y seat and a large bow sundeck. But what can you add? Anything one wants to choose from the optional extras.

From bimini to T-Top, stereo system, trim tabs and plotters of all kinds. You can also create a “tent” area in the bow for those who want to sleep on board. Whether it is fishing, water sports, enjoying the water with friends and family or going to the beach there is a version of this Saxdor for everyone.
Saxdor Yachts has worked with J&J Design to create a lightweight entry-level boat (about 700 kg), economical to operate, fun and easy to drive. The double step hull is designed for fast and easy handling even for the less experienced.

LOA: 5.94 m – B.max: 2.29 m – Draft: 0.72 m – Passengers: bench 4, scooter seats 3 – Engine: 100-175 HP outboard – Max speed: 32 – 45 knts – INFO:

Saxdor 200 SPORT
Saxdor 200 SPORT

Axopar 22

After the 28 and the 37, here is the new little Axopar 22. “After the 37 and the 28,” explains Jan-Erik Viitala, co-founder of the yard, “we made this 22. It’s a challenge, because creating a small boat is much more difficult. There’s less room for error, there’s less space and the boat has to be livable and adaptable as much as possible to the users of the world. So the yard’s focus has been on creating a versatile, modular, entry-level boat for a younger clientele, also in terms of price.

A ready-to-ship model with a 115 hp Mercury engine and VAT included (at 19%) has a yard price of around €49,000. The basic hull is priced at €25,900.
The designer behind the project was Jarkko Jämsén, who designed the exteriors of Motor Yacht Pi, the best powerboat of 2020. The Axopar 22 was created to bring as many people as possible closer to boating, to involve more boaters with a fast, fun and safe boat. Basically, it’s a boat for newcomers that will give you that extra something in terms of adrenaline.

Small, but also designed for demanding conditions with an extremely elaborate hull. The hull curves outwards towards the bow to prevent splashing even in rough seas. In line with Axopar’s philosophy, the hull is double-step. The stern, on the other hand, is completely flat for maximum stability.
The design and production philosophy is: “one world, one boat”. A versatile boat suitable for many uses!

LOA: 7,2 m – B.max: 2,23 m – Draft: 0,8 m – Weight (approx.): 1200 kg – Fuel Capacity: 230 l – Max. speed (approx.): 40 knts – Outboard engines: 115–175 HP – INFO:

axopar 22 spyder
Axopar 22

Rom 28

A tailor-made limited series. ROM 28 is just 7.80 meters long, it features a customization level so important that there will not be one boat like the other.
Production will be literally limited since only 20 units are scheduled to be built. However, the reading key that Jorge Martins has wanted to give to ROM yachts (where ROM stands for “rebuild ocean motivation”) lies just there. Nothing is left to chance, including the construction site where the boats will be built.
Located in Aveiro, Portugal, the shipyard has been chosen by the businessman because it is able to offer all the expertise he needed.

The first unit was entirely made and designed around the needs of the shipyard’s founder. The others will be completely different from each other since they will be designed around their own owner’s needs, therefore with substantial differences in terms of materials, finishes, and color options. Naval architecture is by Barracuda Yacht Design.

With accommodation for 8 passengers, this runabout stands out for its brilliant performance at sea. Power can range from 250 to 450 HP. In this last case, the ROM 28 can reach a top speed of 40.3 knots. The cockpit includes a comfortable helm station with a double seat and next-gen touchscreen instruments on the starboard side, protected by a large and enveloping windshield. Furthermore, guests can enjoy a large seat on the left of the helm station and a three-seat sofa next to it. Two additional sun pads are positioned next to the engine compartment. Below deck, the night area consists of a small dinette with a toilet.

LOA: 7.80 m – B.max: 2.46 m – Weight: 2.3 t – Persons: 8 – Engine: 250- 430 HP – Max speed: 40.3 knots – INFO:

Rom 28
Rom 28

Ala Yachts – Ala 8

Ala 8 (which means “wing” in Italian) the open according to a young design studio, Satura. Ala 8, 7.99 meters long, is the first model presented by Ala Yachts, a new brand but based on the experience of the two partners – Edoardo Ceccarelli and Gianluigi Falso – who have been working in the nautical sector for decades.

This boat is just… open! Satura Studio, a very active and young Italian design studio designed this open boat with an innovative and versatile style.

The main feature is the two folding lateral wings. If we add to the cockpit the area obtained with the wings opened we find with a wide aft area, 3.45 m, almost one and a half times the “normal” size of 2.55 meters. And by closing the wings the boat can be towed.


So on an eight-meter open, we find a much larger space to exploit. But the boat doesn’t end there, of course. At the bow, there is a small sofa and a table which is counterpointed by a small seat on the deckhouse that allows you to have privacy even when the boat is on the dock.

The bath, underdeck, guarantees privacy during a day at sea or if you organize a dinner or a cocktail with friends. The driving seats are integrated into the kitchen cabinet.

The sundeck is equipped with a double cushion for those who want to lie on the wings and enjoy the sun on the surface of the water. The engines, exclusively outboard, are at the customer’s choice with a maximum power of 400 hp. You can choose single or double motorization thanks to the careful design and experience of the engineering studio, MBMarine.

LOA: 7.99 m – B.max: 2.55 m – With open wings: 3.45 m – Persons: 8 – Max power: 400 HP – INFO:

Parker 800 Cruiser

Parker 800 Cruiser is a daycruiser with a cabin in the bow and a kitchenette in the cockpit. It has a very interesting range of engines, up to 350 horsepower, all on a single engine. In this sense, speed is also very interesting: for example, with a Suzuki DF300 APX the top speed is around 43 knots. When cruising, between 20 and 30 knots, there are about 1.5-1.7 litres per nautical mile.

The cockpit is the most important part of a daycruiser. The 800 Cruiser has the same cockpit layout and dimensions as its bigger sister, the 850 Voyager Cruiser. The cockpit is large, flexible and functional, with both the sundeck and seating facing the swim platform. Below deck, there is plenty of space and comfort for weekend trips. It can sleep four people and has a large, spacious bathroom below deck.

Hull is a deep V. Driving performance, sporty qualities and comfort are the top priority. The stepped hull with integrated engine bracket eliminates almost all glide threshold, reduces the need for engine power, increases top speed and improves fuel economy.

LOA: 7.95 m – B.max: 2.75 m – Draft: 0.45 m – Weight: 2.100 kg (without engines) – Fuel: 230 l – Persons: 8 – Max. Power: 350 HP – INFO:

Parker 800 Cruiser



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