Fishing from the boat: cruising spinning


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Fishing from the boat: spinning – Archive photo

Fishing from the boat: spinning. A valuable pastime during our cruise is fishing. What better opportunity to have some fun and, while respecting the rules and minimum sizes, try some alternative fishing techniques to the usual trolling?

Fishing from the boat? Let’s try spinning!

It is an action technique, which involves a great deal of participation on the part of the fisherman. It consists of throwing and retrieving an artificial lure quickly, in small bursts, and repeating the operation throughout the fishing trip. We can practice this technique while the boat is stationary, when we are moored in a quiet bay, or during a walk with our tender along a reef.

Where permitted it can also be practiced in port when we stop for the night. For example, if we are forced to stay put in port because of bad weather, we can walk along the reefs with our fishing rod trying a few casts, looking for predators on the prowl.

The material you need for spinning

To fish from the boat by spinning what do we need? A rod of about 2.2 to 2.5 meters with an action of no less than 10 to 40 grams, a fixed reel reel of no less than 2000 size reeled with 0.10 braid, snap swivels and plain ones, some good fluorocarbon as the terminal, a battery of artificials, both silicon and classic minnows of various sizes. It is good to equip yourself with various color shades for bait, often it is a detail that can make a difference. Not to forget the very useful wade, in case of a bite, if we are on a reef or even in a boat, it will be indispensable to be able to approach our prey.

The minimum cost for such equipment will be around 100 euros, varying according to the quality of the equipment.

Fishing from the boat: what is the right time?

Fishing from the boat, but is there a right time? our anchorage is in a sufficiently quiet bay it will not be uncommon in the period from spring to late summer to see “boils” on the surface, is a sign that something is hunting. Amberjacks, amberjacks, greenhouses fish, starfish or amyas, sea bass, barracuda, garfish, horse mackerel, the potential prey of spiny dogfish are almost boundless and span many species.

The best time to try your luck is sunrise or sunset, but the hours immediately after the sun goes down can also be very profitable. Minnows are particularly good for amberjack, bass, barracuda, and walleye, while silicone lures can embrace all other species, but in general these are patterns that fish will sometimes tend to break, going off the classic



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