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Fjord 38 Xpress
Fjord 38 Xpress

When buying a boat, you should be clear about what you want to use it for. This is why it is important to know not only yourself, but also the philosophy of a shipyard.

On a highly successful and rapidly evolving market segment such as the walk-around one, the Fjord 38 Xpress represents one of the latest achievements of Fjord, the brand owned by the yachting giant Hanse.

Fjord 38 Xpress

For Fjord, the difference between daycruisers and long-range cruisers is clear: under 44 feet (around 13 meters) everything is designed to make a daily outing unforgettable. The owner can decide whether to spend one or more nights on board, taking advantage of the cabin below deck, whose spaces are, however, more suitable for an afternoon nap in a sunny day.

How is the new Fjord 38? 11.50 meters long, the Xpress version is fitted with outboard propulsion.  Twin Suzuki DF350 A engines, the most powerful engines of the Japanese manufacturer and the only outboards (in addition to Suzuki DF300) to be equipped with dual counter-rotating propeller.

When fitted with the Suzuki propulsion, the boat can reach a top speed of around 46 knots, with a displacement of 6.4 tons. When traveling at cruising speed (around 25 knots), fuel consumption is around 75-76 l/h. This result is made possible by another important innovation: the new Fjord hulls which make the boat performing, exciting and easy to steer.

Considering the size (11.64 x 3.64 meters) and the joysting steering systems available, the Fjord 38 Xpress is undoubtedly suitable even for unexperienced boaters who are looking for a fast yet comfortable boat.

Fjord 38 Xpress is not only performance

Starting from the assumption that a daycruiser is not only performance, but also (and above all) space arrangement, let’s see how it is structured. The day boat vocation meant that this 38 Xpress was designed with two convial spaces, both in the bow and aft. This area is available in various versions, but the most appreciated is the one with aft dinette – with up to 6 seats – which can easily turn into a sundeck.

The advantages of outboats translate even in terms of space. Lifting the two seats further aft you can no longer access the engine room. The engines are now out and the fuel tanks are towards the bow. That you want to have at hand and close to the point where you dive into the water and where you go up, that is, the two side beaches around the outboards.

Under the shade of the T-Top we find the steering console towards the bow, while towards the stern you can have the galley or a similar solution.

Navigation on Fjord 38 Xpress

For this boat, Fjord also focused on the sensations at the helm. The windshield is a unique beautiful piece of real crystal with one more advantage: it eliminates the Venturi effect and the currents that are created when sailing fast. The view of the wheelhouse is optimal and the boat is well trimmed, so there are no moments when the bow goes up covering the view.

Under the windshield there is a seat and, opposite, another adjustable table with a C-shaped sofa that separates the walk-around walkway from the bow. Up to 12 people can stay on board. The optimal number is around 6-8 to fully enjoy the deck.

If the owner wants to stay a night out, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is also a cabin accessible from the left of the console, with separate toilet. The starting price of the boat 149,000, VAT and outboard propulsion excluded, in line with the current market values of this type of boats. Please remember that Fjord belongs to one of the largest groups in the yachting world, Hanse Group, which has a wide network of dealers and service centers throughout the territory.


Fjord 38 Xpress: specifications

  • Loa: 38′ 2″
  • LH: 37′
  • B.max: 11′ 11″
  • Draft max: 3′ 1″
  • Displacement: 5.96 UK t
  • Fuel tank: 167 UK gal
  • Water tank: 44 UK gal
  • CE Category: B
  • Persons: 12
  • Outboard horse power: 2 x 350 HP
  • Max. speed allowed: 45 knots
  • Prezzo: 152.900 € + VAT (standard boat without motorization)





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