Focus marine equipments | Here 8 ideas for your boat

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21 November 2018
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How to make the cruise more fun and comfortable? Here are 8 typically Mediterranean accessories that will simplify your life on board or help you enjoy it even more!

Boat Shades | Sureshade

Protection from the sun on board? Enjoy the new electric and manual retractable SureShade boat shades. They are specially designed to fit your boat.


Splashdrone3 | Swell Pro

This drone will enable you to find the right location of schools of fish and carry your line on the spot. Waterproof, it can be fitted with a specific camera.

Remote Control | Xenta

A user-friendly floating remote control with back-lit panel to manage main engines at low rpms and control bow thrusters and windlass.

 Hds Live | Lowrance

Clear and detailed pictures, real-time fish movements, detailed maps and the possibility to display photos and videos on the screen (available in 7-,9-,12- and 16-inch versions) directly from your smartphone. With HDS Live, your fishing experience will be incredibly easier and funnier.

Water Sport Control | Volvo Penta

Thanks to this new built-in system, you can manage your boat and enjoy wakeboarding, wakesurfing and water-skiing. Once on, the system keeps the boat at the selected speed and creates the right wave according to the sport you want to play.

Generatori Is | Mase

IS (Intercooler System) models are easy-to-install, efficient and silent generators that guarantee a very low level of noise and vibration. An excellent option to enjoy all the energy you need on your boat.


PI 461 Miss | Besenzoni

It’s a next-generation telescopic passerelle with infrared remote control. Lightweight and made of aluminium, it can reach 290 cm in length. It can also be used as a crane for loads of up to 200 kg.

Magic White | Marine Hardware

A real “magic” sponge for boats, perfect to remove stubborn stains.

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