Focus on accessories: here are 5 ideas for life on a boat

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14 January 2019
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barca accessori motori

To be comfortable on the boat it is always useful to have the right “tools”. It seems trivial, but a simple waterproof backpack can solve many problems and protect you from those surprises that are always around the corner. Today we see 5 accessories that will make your life on board a boat more comfortable, safe or even just fun.

1 – Helly Hansen Hellypack Bag

A waterproof 50-liter travel bag that “unrolls” thanks to two lateral zips and coverts into a multi-pocket glove box perfect for your boat.

zaino barca helly hansen

2 – Hublot Mode Marine Certata Impermeabile

Feel in Brittany with Hublot waterproof sailing jackets. They’re really attractive.

giacca barca hublot mode marine

3 – Vetus/ V- Docker

The new joystick by Vetus that works with a single (mechanically controlled) engine and a combination of a bow and stern thruster.

Vetus v-docker barca

4 – Seagow Breathing Apparatus

Underwater hull maintenance works? Dives in low waters? Enjoy Seagow, the new tank to breath up to 15 mins underwater!

seagow barca

5 – Parrot/ Mambo

Ideal for shooting from your boat, Parrot Mambo has impressed us for its user- friendliness and 3D viewer.
An excellent entry-level drone.

drone barca parrot mambo

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