Foiling, Genoa is the capital of “flying boats” in 2024


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foiling genoa
C-8 spark plug. One of the world’s best-known and best-selling foiling powerboats

Foiling Organization
makes its home in Genoa. From the beginning of 2024, the world foiling industry association will settle in the Ligurian capital. The first World Foiling Congress is also planned in 2024. Appointment on April 18, 2024, right in Genoa, where a summit of the Association and those who would like to be part of it is planned: yards, accessories, designers, universities and researchers, professional sailing teams, yacht clubs, associations, events and institutions.

Foiling: the new frontier of powerboats

Foils are a technology that is more than 100 years old. Behind it is an Italian, Enrico Forlanini, who in the early 1900s had already demonstrated the potential of these appendages. In recent years, appendages that make “fly” have found massive application.

Read here what foils are, how they work, and the benefits

In sailing, they are now cleared through customs because they have become the real stars in regattas: the America’s Cup and Olympics, primarily, but also in other events. But the engine is no less than that either; on the contrary. The first diffusion was, however, in pleasure boating with Candela-type hulls:

Foiling: how many there are and what they are for

Why fly on water and not sail in the “classic” way, i.e.
gliding or displacement
? The reason is quickly stated: foils allow boats to reduce friction and thus consume less.

Adjustable foils

The version with movable foils is particularly suitable for fast electric boats because, having less resistance, they can sail longer. It is known that range for electrics is the real Achilles’ heel, after price.

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In addition, those who have tried “flying” electrics confirm that in the event of a “chop,” the low, steep wave with a very short period, sailing on the foils brings the boat “on top” and moves easily. Since they are movable, they can be retracted for when the sea is too big or to return to port after you cannot stay on the “foils” for speed and bottom.

Fixed foils

There are not only “Candela”-type foils. For example on day catamarans, Aquila Powerboats led the way by putting an appendage between the two hulls. This foil is fixed and does not raise the live work completely out of the water. It simply generates a force such that friction is reduced and thus consumption is reduced.

Another example is the
foils of the Racebirds
, the racing boats of the World Electric Boat Championship. That although they are fixed they take these hulls completely out of the water.

racebird e1 series
Rracebird e1 series

Genoa is the foiling capital of the world

The Foiling Organization will organize a number of initiatives including professional training, technology development for marine industries, of educational programs for schools, and public exhibition events.

Where will the headquarters be? At the Blue District in Genoa’s Old Port. Workshops and conferences will be organized here. The April 18 congress will be held at the Cotton Warehouse.



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