Foiling, here are the 6 best “flying” motor boats of 2024


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On April 18, Genoa will host the 7th edition of the “Foiling Awards,” an event that presents awards to the best athletes, projects and products in the foiling world over the past 12 months. Here are the nominations for the “flying” powerboat category.

Genoa becomes the capital of “flying” boating, that of the
foils, the special appendages
that allow boats to rise and sail above the water, reaching incredible speeds. The event, in addition to the support of several sponsors, enjoys the patronage of Confindustria Nautica, Ebi (European Boating Industry) and Icomia (International Council of Marine Industry Associations), of which The Foiling Organization, promoter of the “Foiling Awards” is a member.

Navier 30, the 9-meter full electric

Proposed by the Navier Boats shipyard, the
Navier 30
is a new 9-meter full electric and foiling. The beating “heart” of this futuristic “flying” model capable of cruising at 35 knots maximum speed and getting on foils as early as 15 knots, is a pair of 90 KW electric outboards installed on independent stern foils. This is a completely original solution compared to boats in this segment that basically features a reverse foil configuration, with a propulsive pair at the stern and a single central foil toward the extreme bow.

The Navier 30 is available in three different versions: Open Top which is a pure open, Hard Top and Cabin. As for the design of the boat, the deck features a bow section with a triangle at the level of the broadside, preceded by a protected space with a “C” shaped settee. The boat center and cockpit have different layouts that vary depending on the configuration chosen and customization options. In each case they provide, in addition to the helm station, various seating and furniture solutions to accommodate passengers. On the Cabin version, there is the possibility of making a double bed from the sofa present against the port side, thus offering the possibility of sleeping on board. Info:

FUTUR-E Foiling, a project 100% made in Italy

An aggressive supercar look, as many as 4 foils to provide the “lift,” and an engine capable of propelling it to over 30 knots in foiling trim. It is called
Future-E Foiling
, is 5.20 meters long and is an Italian project that combines foiling technologies, electric propulsion and solutions from the automotive world. In fact, the entire foiling system is inspired by the Kinematic Systems used for suspension management in Formula 1. In practice, the 4 foils are regulated, synchronously, by a dedicated control unit, which results in a “driving” style of the boat similar to that of a sports car. In Full Foiling Mode, the Future-E is capable of sailing at a maximum speed of more than 30 knots.


In terms of design, the exterior features doors that open vertically and a fully retractable roof in pure convertible style. The wheelhouse occupies the entire forward portion, below the windshield, served in the center by a steering wheel and a rotatable and elevating wraparound chair. In the stern, however, is a more “relaxed” area, complete with a full-beam sofa to accommodate passengers.

Inesse Superfoils 15, incredible speeds and super comfort

The Inesse Superfoils 15 comes from the technological district of the so-called “Motor Valley” and concentrates the know-how of professionals who came from Formula 1 and the America’s Cup. Its vocation is one of sporty yet comfort-rich sailing for driver and crew. At the hull ends of Inesse Superfoils 15 are 4 foils that allow the hull to be fully raised, which results in less friction and greater safety as the hull does not impact the waves. This also reduces fuel consumption and comfort while sailing.

Foils can be adjusted independently through advanced software that ensures the best set-up of the boat in any condition. The structural parts of the boat are made entirely of carbon fiber which ensures high strength and low weight. The yacht is available in three configurations: Standard, Non-standard and Custom. All embellished with exclusive interior materials and finishes that can be customized according to customers’ requests.



Bluegame HSV AC, the hydrogen-powered tender for the America’s Cup

Bluegame HSV AC Chase Boat
is a prototype hydrogen-powered tender developed by Bluegame (a Sanlorenzo Group brand) for teams involved in the America’s Cup on the idea of Emirates Team New Zealand, the Cup defender. The acronym BGH-HSV stands for “Hydrogen Support Vessel,” and the project, completely made in Italy, took more than 2 years to complete. The concept is that of a 10-meter catamaran that can reach 50 knots by “flying” over the water thanks to foils and with the special feature of propulsion delegated to hydrogen.

Indeed, the goal is to ensure the boat has zero emissions, thus, with only a few drops of water being released into the environment, the ultimate expression of sustainability in yachting. Currently every challenger starting with American Magic and following the French Orient Express Racing are working in collaboration with Sangiorgio Marine on their chase boat, using in-house resources (designers, engineers, builders).


The Icon, a jewel of foiling technology signed by Bmw

German automotive giant Bmw and German shipyard Tyde have launched
The Icon
, the world’s first battery-powered electric hydrofoil. The futuristic sustainable motorboat is a true technological gem. With a length of 13 meters and a width of 4.5 meters, it can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots and a cruising speed of 24 knots. Exceptional performance, which differentiates it from traditional hulls, possible thanks to foil technology that raises the boat above the water surface to reduce friction, saving 80 percent of energy. The boat is propelled by 2 100 kW electric motors that convert energy from 6 Bmw i3 batteries, ensuring a range of 50 miles.


With its innovative geometric and prismatic lines, The Icon is designed like origami. The flat hull has transparent walls for panoramic views. The cabin is a sophisticated living room with 360-degree swivel armchairs and a kaleidoscope-effect carpet, where metal surfaces reflect light onto the floor like waves on the sea. In the center of the hull, the controls feature a 32-inch touchscreen display with voice control. In addition, a Dolby Atmos sound system creates an atmospheric atmosphere with music by Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer. Info:

RISE – Foiling Electric Rescue Boat

The result of a project created in collaboration the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, the RISE – Foiling Electric Rescue Boat is a completely emission-free rescue boat that uses a purely electric battery propulsion system.

The boat is equipped with foils so that it can fly above water and reduce propulsive power by 60-80%. The flight control system is co-developed by RISE and Chalmers, while the foil system is developed by Mantaray Craft. Instead, the special water lines and hull shapes that allow soft landings and comfortable hull navigation are designed by RISE. Info:

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