Four top boats from the fabulous world of 100% electric


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2020 Eelex 8000 XShore electric boats
Eelex 8000 XShore

The world of 100 percent electric boats is growing. For now, one of the most popular uses is as a simple tender, but there are also those who do not disdain using them as zero-impact pleasure boats.

“But they have no autonomy!” someone will surely say. Well, let us now think of the small goiters that are frequently seen on our coasts. How fast do they go? And how long do they sail for? No one would dream of asking for such a super-fast goiter with 500 miles of range.

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For electric boats, especially at a time when this technology is still being developed, the boater has to start with himself and figure out what use he wants to make of the boat. It goes without saying that the prices are still high (especially when compared to the aforementioned goiter), due in part to the limited popularity of this kind of boat to date.

Why fabulous world? As anticipated at the beginning, they are practical boats that are designed to be used as a means of support. But the feeling of sailing without making noise and without pollution is something truly unique. For some, indeed, fabulous.

Now let’s look at three very interesting 2020 innovations that are among the most technologically advanced.

Three top electric boats in 2020


New from the company Domani Yachts was one of the most anticipated new products at the Düsseldorf 2020 boat show . It was born as a superyacht tender with a classic speedboat shape…fully electric. With a basic range of 40 miles at 8 knots, equipped with a more powerful battery pack it also goes up to 100 miles, again full electric). It is a luxury boat that is well suited to the role of a chase boat. For those who want a streamlined, totally green powerboat, it may prove to be a good choice. In addition, its hybrid version is under development.

Data sheet: Loa: 9.5 m; B.max: 2.70 m; Engine: 50 kW; Battery: High Voltage System (380V);

The starting price of the Domani E32 is 294,000 euros, excluding VAT.


Tomorrow and 32


A fast and pure fun boat that also serves as a 100 percent electric “forklift.” After the Dutchcraft 56, one of the “widest” yachts around(read here why), the shipyard has unleashed a very versatile little one. It was born as a modular tender and is 100% carbon fiber to decrease weight and consequently fuel consumption. A jet ski can also be put on it, and the bow door can be folded down to make it easier to get on and off. At 32 knots you sail for 75 minutes, at 6 knots for 6 hours. As a result, you can also use daily outings without any particular problems, especially if you like sailing in silence and in contact with the sea.

Data Sheet: Loa: 8.04 m; B.max: 2.38 m Engine: 100 kW Battery: 89 kWh

The starting price of the Dutchcraft 25 is €275,000, excluding VAT


The novelty of a yard that has made electric its flag. We are talking about X-Shore, founded by Swedish entrepreneur Konrad Bergström . The special feature of its boats is that they are among the fastest electric boats around. The new one in fact, X SHORE EELORD 6000, is capable of speeds up to 40 knots, a factor that makes it one of the fastest electric boats around. The secret? Batteries. A modular design on a customizable deck. On board then, as on other models, zero-impact, lightweight and versatile materials are used.

Also among the new features is the restyling of the Eelex 8000, one of the shipyard’s classic models. There is no shortage of special choices such as the seats, which resemble real “school” chairs. Compared to the two models mentioned above, the Eelex 8000 is the most direct “competitor” in size and uses. The starting price of the Xshore Eeelex 8000 (the photo at the beginning of the article) is €249,000, excluding VAT. In contrast, the Eelord 6000 was born more as a pure powerboat.

The starting price of the Xshore Eelord 6000 is €149,000, excluding VAT

Data Sheet: Loa: 5.8 m; Weight: 1200 kg; Engine: 225 kW; Battery: 2×90/120 kWh


eelex 6000 x shore
Eelex 6000 X shore

Gregorio Ferrari


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