Franchini Mia 63: a new cult boat

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Franchini Mia 63
Franchini Mia 63

Franchini Mia 63

It has just been launched, but the Franchini Mia 63 is already destined to become a cult boat. One of those evergreen models that even after years keep their charm intact. How do you design and build a boat like this? Click here to enter the stand of Franchini Yachts, where the new Franchini Mia 63 is on display.

Franchini Mia 63

The brand new Franchini Mia 63 has been designed to meet the needs of different owners. A version with the T-Top, a version Open, a Hard Top and a Sport Fly.

Franchini Yachts: first the Italian lobster, now the sport cruiser

Massimo Franchini, one of the greatest Italian yacht designers in the world, is the inventor of the Italian-style lobster. Franchini’s boats are evergreen boats. This will also be the case of his latest creation, the Mia 63 T-Top, which Franchini calls Sport Cruiser.

Mia 63 is in fact a sporty lines boat and has comfortable and safe features as the best cruiser boats on the market. When you look at the photos, the video, and the story of this new boat is easy to realize that it is different from the others. A motorboat with attention to detail as only a shipyard with such a prestigious history can achieve.

The smart solutions of Franchini Mia 63

Mia 63 is not only that, it also has an attractive, timeless design and a lot of ingenious solutions that are the result of a great experience. And spectacular yet rational outdoor and indoor spaces.

All you have to do is visit the Franchini Mia 63 on the quayside at Milano Yachting Week to discover its features, read about the new concepts that inspired it, look at the first photos while sailing, the interior and the deck.


And if you would like to talk to a site manager or book a visit via email or WhatsApp, at the stand find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.

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