Frauscher 1017 Lido (9.99 m), testing an always cool open boat – From the archives


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Frauscher 1017 Lido
Frauscher 1017 Lido

In 2012 Frauscher introduced the 1017 GT, a 9.99-meter sporty, cabin cruiser destined to make a deep mark on the market. This first cabin cruiser from the shipyard was followed in 2013 by its “jaunty” twin, a “gentlemen racer” that is a little gem. And the Austrian thus makes an encore. This second model is the Frauscher 1017 Lido, a sporty open with an almost vertical bow and deep-V hull capable of taking on any challenge.

Frauscher 1017 Lido

With the 1017 GT, the Austrian shipyard’s goal was to permanently erase its image as a builder of “lake boats” that, partly because of its history, partly because of the type of open and their size, the market at that time attributed. Image immediately dispelled, thanks to the incredible performance demonstrated with the 1017 Lido, a 48-knot open. Let’s take a closer look at what impression those who tried it out for Motor Boats in its debut year had of it.

Frauscher 1017 Lido

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Frauscher 1017 GT – Blanket

After the somber “gunmetal” with which the GT was launched, the Frauscher 1017 Lido goes for a very elegant white. But if the goal was to differentiate the two models, there was just no need because already at the docks the two boats show well their respective and different personalities. The Lido immediately wins you over with its great availability of space and the versatility of its layout, making it “the” day boat par excellence.

Frauscher 1017 Lido

The aft area follows the layout of the GT, with the sundeck divided by the central passage leading to the aft platform. The extensive use of teak also lends great elegance. Under the sundeck is not only the engine compartment, with ample space to store other equipment as well, but the back of the sofa hides the first awning, a fine example of practicality.

Frauscher 1017 Lido cockpit
Frauscher 1017 Lido – Cockpit

The center dashboard is beautiful, with two convenient walkways on either side while, on the bulwarks, there is a compartment for storing ropes and one for the electrical panel. The instrumentation (given the 2013 equipment, which has changed over time) is well distributed, and the windshield repairs what is necessary, i.e., not much, but on a dayboat it is perfect as it is. Two wraparound armchairs, with the seat partially reclining to lead the boat standing up, complete the equipment.

Frauscher 1017 Lido – Bridge

Also of note is the practical bar cabinet, which, set up with a grill or glass-ceramic griddle, can also become a cooktop. But it is in the bow where all the news is. The bathroom, the only enclosed area (lockers aside) on the boat, has good volume and great care taken in its layout.

Also excellent is the usability of the forward dinette, which is also protected by a retractable awning stowed behind the back of the sofa that runs around the perimeter. If desired, this can be converted into a second sundeck, if ever the aft one is not enough. In the extreme bow, the anchor locker is recessed under a beautiful pontoon, partially lined with teak – also ideal as a diving board. Finally, a mention for the large bow locker, which is really very capacious.

Frauscher 1017 Lido – Bow

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Plant engineering and propulsion

Plant engineering makes the rationality and quality of the assembled elements its strong point. The engine compartment confirms this feeling, highlighting a Teutonic orderliness, but also a great simplicity, and the same is true for what can be viewed in the various lockers.The pair of 300 hp MerCruisers is the best complement to this boat, but the shipyard offers as an alternative a pair of Volvo Penta turbodiesel D4s of the same power, or a pair of exuberant MerCruisers of 430 hp each.

Frauscher 1017 Lido side view
Frauscher 1017 Lido

Frauscher 1017 GT – Our Test

The middle Lake Garda in the early morning is rough with a north wind, an optimal condition to try the 1017 Lido. So I come off the docks at the nautical base foretasting a test of the probing kind, not least because I know the qualities of the Frauscher hull and I know how much they excel on this kind of water. I have immediate confirmation of this as I bottom out the throttles: the progression is excellent, also confirming that the two 300-hp engines are the ideal solution: they plane without the slightest hint of gybing, visibility at the bow thus remains excellent, and I can let the speed pick up while also taking advantage of a lake free of other boats. As soon as knots are gained, the efficiency of the hull is immediately appreciated, not only for its speed capabilities, but also for the confidence with which it handles the swell.

Frauscher 1017 Lido

I keep going up in speed to check the maximum which is reached at 4800 rpm and 44.8 knots, but working a bit with the trims we touch 5000 rpm and touch 48 knots. There is enough to have fun with a few “shoots,” even if you then opt for a more consonant cruising speed around 3000 rpm and 27 knots, not to resort to even borderline planing at 2380 rpm and 19 knots. In this case, fuel consumption gets interesting, with just over 40 liters/hour, while at cruising speed it rises to about seventy. I try to tack by tightening the beam more and more, and the response is always prompt, but most importantly it conveys a high feeling of safety. With 1017 Lido, there is just so much fun to be had.

Data Table

Data taken in slightly rough conditions with 10 knots of wind, 340 liters of fuel taken on board, 30 liters of water and two people on board. The installed engine consisted of 2×300 hp.

Revolutions per Minute (RPM) Speed (expressed in knots) Consumption (lt./h) (+ Hourly Autonomy)
1000 5.4 kn 13.0 l/h
1500 7.1 kn 21.6 l/h
2000 11.5 kn 35.0 l/h
2500 21.0 kn 50.4 l/h
3000 27.0 kn 70.0 l/h – (6 hours 45′)
3500 33.2 kn 91.0 l/h
4000 38.8 kn 128.0 l/h – (3 hours 35′)
4500 44.0 kn 182.0 l/h
5000 47.8 kn 191.2 l/h – (2 h 30′)

Frauscher 1017 Lido – Data Sheet

Length Over All 9.99 m
Baglio Massimo 2.99 m
Fishing 0.80 m
No-load displacement 3,900 kg
2013 Engines 2x 350 hp
Fuel Tank 520 lt.
Maximum Capacity People 10
Engines 2023 2 x 300 hp / 2 x 430 hp
Cost to new 2023 from €377,559.00 (incl. 22% VAT)


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