From Finland the best motor boat for beginners


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Looking for a motor boat to have fun with, but your sailing experience doesn’t leave you alone? Don’t worry, because the Best of Boat Awards give you the answer to your doubts: the Falcon BR 7 has been awarded as the best beginner’s boat of 2018. The jury is made up of experienced boat journalists from all over Europe, who try out dozens and dozens of boats every year and who, with this experience, can give advice based on the type of yachtsman.

Falcon BR 7, why is it the “Boat of the year for beginners”?

There were four finalists to become the best boat for “Beginners”. In the end it was the Falcon BR 7, from Finland made of aluminium, which combines great stability and manoeuvrability with very interesting performances. What does the Falcon BR 7 look like? Slightly longer than its brother, the BR 6 is a boat for those who love to be in contact with the sea and practice water sports in total safety and tranquility. The structure is solid and the shape of the hull makes it easy to maneuver even when the conditions are difficult. Despite being motorized with a single outboard, it reaches a maximum speed of 40 knots,

Easy, but not only to drive

What does “easy” mean? For example, a boat from which it is easy to swim and then climb comfortably: for those who are not familiar with boats this passage can be a very difficult obstacle to overcome. At the stern of the Falcon BR 7, the large platforms are designed to overcome this type of problem. The space on board, for passengers and equipment, is certainly not lacking. This element also “simplifies” life on board, making it more comfortable.

Scheda tecnica

  • Lenght: 6,51 m
  • Width: 2,34 m
  • Weight: 1 060 KG +
  • Draft: 0,45 m
  • Engine power: 115-150 hp
  • Top speed: 40,5 knots
  • Capacity: 7 persons / 525 kg
  • Fuel tank: 130 L




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