Gozzi Vs Lobster: these are the timeless boats par excellence


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At birth they are fishing boats, goiters and lobsters. A typically Mediterranean one, of very ancient Arab origin. Suitable for all fishing and transportation. In Italy it has its greatest development in Liguria and Campania, Sorrento, primarily. The other is American, or rather from Maine, and for the work of lobster fishing, lobster, in fact.

Of course, the great classics we show in the next few pages are quite different from their working progenitors. But what remains to these boats is the classicism of the lines, the purity of their appearance. There remains the usefulness of certain design elements that retain a practical function, although many times they have become more stylistic than real necessities.

Next week we will reveal our selection of 12 models (6 on each side) of timeless goiters and lobsters. Don’t you want to miss it? Click here

Classic boats: lobster or goiters?

Two boats that even used retain their charm and value, regardless of age. The classicism and distinctiveness of the workboats from which they are derived remains unchanged over time and always relevant. A safe investment, for a boat that will never make you look bad on the dock and will always give great satisfaction when sailing.

For example, the narrow stern of goiters, which needs support appendages to make them planing. Or the low aft bulwarks of U.S.-inspired hulls. This is why goiters and lobsters are always current, so much so that those offered today do not differ much from those of 10-20 years ago, which therefore remain ever current. Because even a specimen of these two types from 15 years ago still retains the same charm. Here, then, are the characteristics that make them so distinctive and desirable.


It is round, few stories. It may be more or less wide, but a goiter, which does not like straight lines very much, will always have a rounded stern.

The goiter is bellied and plentiful in the bow as well, a solution that provides much more living space for the same length.

It can be absent, or pontooned to leave only a cockpit in the aft quarter or with a deckhouse to accommodate the interior.

The goiter is born displacement. And it really sails on two drops of diesel fuel. Planing goiters are, however, the most common proposal.


If it is not there, it is not a lobster. Whether it is for the pilot only or to accommodate dinettes and cabins, it must soar above the broadside.

The wave shape of the deckhouse supports is one of the classic points, despite its absence in the original fishing lobsters.

High at the bow and very flared, they change flexion at mizzen and end low. Perfect for fishing and safe in rough seas.

Lobster 35


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