Gozzo in name and in fact. From Apreamare an entirely new antique boat


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Gozzo Apreamare hull planing


The Apreamare Gozzo is really something new developed within a classic concept. Beyond the overused press release clichés in which the shipyard of the day, for each model produced, extols “innovation in the wake of tradition”-which at one point also makes one wonder, “but will one that just renews come along sooner or later or not?”-the latest proposal from the Torre Annunziata shipyard introduces elements of interest in a type of boat, the gozzo precisely, which by age and history seemed to have already said all that was proferable.

Gozzo Apreamare MediterraneanLet’s start with an assumption: this is a watercraft; although the Gozzo eventually sports an 11-meter length overall, the hull is an inch short of the fateful 10 meters that mandate registration. So already in size it goes against the tide compared to the race for gigantism in which many of the major Italian shipyards are participating. Apreamare, then, which is now a brand of Imbarcazioni d’Italia S.p.A, a nautical holding company Part of the Cose Belle d’Italia group, back in the early 1980s accustomed enthusiasts to twisting, but successfully, since we are still here talking about it, the very idea of a gozzo: from a slow wooden fishing boat to a fast fiberglass planing boat. A blasphemy for purists, but a success for the market.

Gozzo di Apreamare, the Sorrentine gozzo of the 21st century

Gozzo Apreamare sundeck
The open stern on the swim platform is valuable and comfortable.

Apreamare’s Gozzo of the 21st century is thus the next step in this evolutionary process. The selective factors that forced this evolution are. the same two cornerstones that make the brand’s history rotate for many decades now: Cataldo Aprea, founder of the shipyard and heir to a family of shipwrights with 170 years of history, and Brunello Acampora, who with his Victory Design played so much part in defining the unmistakable aesthetics of these boats.


Gozzo Apreamare master cabin

Gozzo returns even closer to the traditional canons of the type. Starting with the foredeck, which becomes vertical again, abandoning momentum: the typical Apreamare superstructure also disappears to make way for a pontil bow and a low deckhouse that although modern and technological (it hides both the windshield, electric, and the awning when they are not needed) is perfectly integrated into the classic goiter geometry. Bulky abutments and large aft sections give enough interior volume to make two double cabins, the main one in the bow, whose presence is betrayed only by the discreet (but now unfailing) light opening at the broadside, and one under the cockpit. Bathroom with separate shower room and kitchen located along the port broadside complete the layout of the interior: much richer than one might imagine from the outside.

Gozzo Apreamare kitchenAlso because, seen from the outside, Gozzo is a boat devoted to outdoor life. The Tiffany blue upholstery that covers all the upholstered parts (but also the frieze on the hull, the waterline, and the fabric of the awning are of the same very elegant hue that goes well with the bronze of the hull) give an idea of how much space there is for sunbathing or just hanging out and enjoying lazing at sea. A privilege granted to those who know how to enjoy even the time not spent running after something.

Gozzo Apreamare stern berthAs far as running after the miles is concerned, however, Gozzo can give you some satisfaction, with the twin inboard Volvo Penta 400 total horsepower inboard engine cruising at 25 knots with an overall consumption of 30 liters per hour. The hull is variable-geometry with a 16° deadrise and sustaining flaps, making the large (and ugly) stern spoilers often used on other planing boats unnecessary.

Data Sheet Gozzo Apreamare

Length f.t.: 11.00 m
Hull length: 9.99 m
Lwl: 9.66 m
Maximum width: 3.36 m
Draught: 0.85 m
Displacement. dry: 6.0 t
Disl. fully loaded: 7.3 t
People who can be boarded: 8
EC Category: B
Fuel tank: 450 l
Water tank: 170 l
Standard engines: Volvo Penta D4-225 DPH
power: 1x 225 mhp /165 kW at 3500 rpm
cruising speed: 20
Maximum speed: 24
Optional Engines: Volvo Penta D3-200 DPS
power: 2×200 mhp / 147 kW at 4000 rpm
cruising speed: 24
Maximum speed: 28

Gozzo Apreamare bathroom



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