Green “best-selling” boats surpass 1,000 hulls sold


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Greenline 58 Fly
Greenline 58 Fly – The latest yacht unveiled by the shipyard.

Greenline Yachts, the Slovenian builder of high-end motoryachts, is celebrating the milestone of more than 1,000 boats sold, thanks to its unique approach to responsible boating. Slovenian shipyard Greenline Yachts, a pioneer in the hybrid boat segment, is celebrating the 1,000 boats sold milestone. The manufacturer’s range now numbers eight different models-all hybrids-ranging from 39 to 58 feet in length. but there is a growing demand for “sustainable” boats, so the shipyard plans to expand it.

Commitment to the environment since 2008

Founded in 2008, the shipyard made its debut with the Greenline 33, which quickly became a bestseller. In subsequent years, the company expanded its range with models such as the Greenline 40 Hybrid (2011, 211 hulls sold), Greenline 48, Greenline 39, Greenline 45, and Greenline 58 Fly (2023). The latter two models marked a new era in the shipyard’s design, introducing the distinction between the Fly line, with an elegant outdoor space, and the Coupe line, with sleek lines and maximum utilization of sunlight through large windows. Soon the brand came to exceed the “fateful quota” by selling more than 1,000 yachts.

The fleet of models produced by Greenline Yachts
The fleet of models produced by Greenline Yachts

The company has always supported and promoted hybrid and electric propulsion and is now stepping up its efforts with new initiatives to preserve the environment, including customer rewards and the use of sustainable building materials and technologies. Case in point: the sophisticated 6G H-Drive diesel-electric propulsion system, now in its sixth generation and developed by shipyard owner Vladimir Zinchenko, enables yachts to deliver exceptional performance with reduced environmental impact. With this motor, at 4-7 knots, yachts can travel 20-25 nautical miles on electricity alone, and the batteries cover 48 hours of air conditioning and hotel load without having to start the engine or a generator.

Greenline Yachts. The way to responsible yachting

The shipyard’s design philosophy is based on efficiency and sustainability. “Super-displacement” hulls are designed for maximum smoothness, stability and efficiency at both low and high speeds. The site uses state-of-the-art construction techniques, such as high-tech foam sandwiching from recycled PET plastic and layering by vacuum infusion, which ensure precision and waste reduction.

A phase of work at the Greenline Yachts shipyard
A phase of work at the Greenline Yachts shipyard

Greenline Yachts ensures that every new yacht delivered is equipped with a biodegradable washing systemand that user manuals are in digital format only

An award for the greenest shipowner

Greenline Yachts ‘ commitment to sustainability also extends to its production processes, the materials used and their end-of-life use. Wood from interior fittings is turned into pellets for heating, and leftover foam is reused to produce home insulation.

The brand is also working onestablishing an annual award to recognize owners who make the most progress toward responsible yachting, celebrating, for example, the owner whose yacht has generated the most solar power or accumulated the most electric motor hours.



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