Heating, cooling, fresh water: you’re all set with these 7 products


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Boat Systems - Facilities
TOP 2023 Boat Accessories – Facilities

The best accessories on board the boat of 2023

Improve the facilities aboard one’s boat? You can, with these accessories that are among the best in 2023 for implants. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical, or heating and cooling, with the right accessory you can easily and effectively upgrade your boat.

Boat plant accessories 2023 – Velair – Uflex

TOP 2023 Accessories - Velair - Uflex
TOP 2023 Accessories – Velair – Uflex

Ranging from 7k to 21k BTU, the compact air conditioners manufactured by Velair can effectively and precisely air condition the rooms of sail or motor boats of different sizes depending on the model selected. Models with inverter technology (10k / 16k / 21k BTU) can adjust the frequency of the compressor, depending on the required performance, thus reducing consumption, emissions, vibration and noise, thereby optimizing gradual temperature control in any environment.

Mini Compact – Idromar

TOP 2023 Accessories - Mini Compact - Idromar
TOP 2023 Accessories – Mini Compact – Idromar

With freshwater production ranging from 65 to 180 l/h, the Mini Compact series is Idromar’s proposal for boats from 15 to 25 meters, where intensive and continuous use is not always necessary. Compact, decomposable versions of the three desalinators in the series characterized by the use of 316 L stainless steel.

Boat Systems: HP Kilo – HP Watermakers

TOP 2023 Accessories - HP Kilo - HP Watermakers
TOP 2023 Accessories – HP Kilo – HP Watermakers

HP Watermakers’ newest Kilo is a 220V watermaker for 10-15 meter boats, capable of producing 120 liters of fresh water per hour. Also new is the Part-NET 2.0 system, which now offers possibilities for graphical customization of the interface. Using the HP Watermaker app that can be installed on the plotters, all processes of the watermaker are controlled, from the most basic controls (on/off) to operating parameters.

Boat Systems: UP/E Series – Marco

TOP 2023 Accessories - UP E Series - Marco
TOP 2023 Accessories – UP E Series – Marco

Marco’s UP2E series includes self-priming freshwater electric pumps useful for powering plumbing systems, faucets and showers aboard any boat. Marco’s Made in Italy quality is evidenced by the use of high quality materials, body and connections are nickel-plated brass while the shaft is stainless steel. All Marco products have international approvals and are built and assembled by a highly specialized team to ensure one key aspect: safety.

Osmosea New 12 S – Osmosea

TOP 2023 Accessories - Osmosea New 12 S - Osmosea
TOP 2023 Accessories – Osmosea New 12 S – Osmosea

Osmosea manufactures reverse osmosis water purifiers and desalinators for the marine industry. The most compact is the New 12 S, a silent, anti-vibration automatic desalinator that recovers up to 80 percent of the energy it uses. The system is available in different sizes, depending on the desired hourly output between 25 and 150 l/h.

Twin 200 / 300 – Schenker

Boat Systems - Twin 200 300 - Schenker
TOP 2023 Accessories – Twin 200 300 – Schenker

Schenker has launched the two new Zen Twin 200 and 300 desalinators, twin models joined in a single frame that can produce up to 200 and up to 300 liters per hour. The two desalinators are also independent in terms of power supply. The Zen Twin unit can be powered from a single power source or from two different sources. For example, one unit can run on 110 or 230 volts while the other desalinator can be powered by 12/24 volts directly from the batteries.

Boat Systems: BlueCool V-Pro – Webasto

boat systems - BlueCool V-Pro - Webasto
TOP 2023 Accessories – BlueCool V-Pro – Webasto

The BlueCool V-PRO series produced by Webasto includes efficient systems for having air conditioning on the boat. Ultra-light, compact, and quiet, the central chiller is the heart of the entire system. Installation and service are simplified through networking and the new BlueCool Expert Tool. Through a single USB cable that connects to the central unit on one end and to a PC on the other, both on-site and remote assistance can be made as easy as possible.



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