Helm Master EX makes you steer the boat like a pro


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outboard yamaha Helm Master EX

It has been 65 years since Genichi Kawakami founded Yamaha. 60 since he launched into the world of marine engines. Since its inception, the goal has always been one: to be on the cutting edge. This is evidenced by the “birthday gift,” the new rigging system, Helm Master EX.

Helm Master EX: new in Yamaha outboard rigging

Yamaha outboards will now have a new control system: Helm Master EX . From 150 horsepower and up for single or multiple engines includes:

  • a Drive-by-Wire 6X9 (DBW) controller
  • A CL5 color touchscreen display
  • functions for autopilot
  • A digital electric steering system (DES)
  • Joystick for complete control of the boat

It sounds like a lot of functions, but they are all designed to be easy to use and very intuitive. And in fact Helm Master EX is aimed at anyone who goes to sea. So from professionals to fishermen to ordinary boaters. It doesn’t matter how well you know how to use the boat: everything will be easier with this equipment.

All functions of Helm Master EX


The Helm Master EX’s joystick is also applicable to single engines and provides improved maneuverability, particularly in confined spaces such as marinas, allowing precise handling of the autopilot function and small adjustments within the Setpoint function. The management software is new, and the use of individual functions is made even easier and more straightforward thanks to some dedicated buttons.

joystick outboard yamaha Helm Master EX

For fishing

Helm Master EX is suitable for fishing enthusiasts for some custom-designed Yamaha autopilot functions. For trolling in particular, with the gearbox function (Pattern Shift) you can set the software to adjust the gait through a system that engages and disengages the gear to maintain the minimum trolling speed you want.

Again through the Autopilot function, you can set certain routes by having the boat move in a zig-zag or spiral pattern. Yamaha’s new Autopilot feature makes the boat autonomous once the course is set: a waypoint can be set to allow the vehicle to reach that particular point, and the system will decelerate before reaching it, and then insert the virtual anchor once the desired point is reached.

Easy and “wireless” steering

Helm Master EX enables digital electric steering-currently integrated only in the XTO outboard range-in all Digital Electric Controlled (DEC) engines, from single engines to multiple engines from 150 hp and above.

How does it work? Electric actuators operate by consuming less battery power than conventional hydraulic power steering systems. This Yamaha outboard system has no pumps, hoses or wiring harnesses, in favor of a more spacious environment.

dashboard outboard yamaha Helm Master EX

The new control, mounted on the console provides increased comfort and new features, compatible with single and multi-motors. The Pattern Steer function provides smooth and responsive steering, even below idle speed, with automatic trim adjustment (Trim Assist) ensuring perfect balance, maximizing performance and fuel economy. In addition, the neutral function (Neutral Hold) ensures that the boat does not shut down and can be used to recharge the on-board batteries when giving gas.

DBW control works in conjunction with the compact color Touchscreen Display CL5 to facilitate vessel monitoring.

The CL7 multifunctional display (MFD).

Like the CL5, the CL7 multifunction display (MFD) allows you to monitor your boat with a range of advanced information. The built-in GPS connects directly to the Helm Master EX autopilot system, enabling it to enjoy life aboard and the sea.

The MFD interface (MFDI) connects directly to various MFD models, while a specific Garmin system enables the console to capture sophisticated design. Yamaha dealers can advise which MFD models are compatible. A floating remote control enables remote locking of motors at the push of a button.

yamaha outboard display Helm Master EX

The lock automatically disengages when approaching the boat due to transponder recognition and without having to use the remote control button. The latter is waterproof to a depth of 10 cm for up to five minutes. A code is available for additional security in case the remote control is lost.

outboard keys yamaha Helm Master EX

All of these features are customizable to the engine configuration and customer requirements and are available on a wide range of Yamaha outboards. It applies to most engines: the XF425, XF375, F300B, F250D and F225F, as well as the mid-range models F200G, F175C and F150G.

Full details on the website


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