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An insurance policy that covers any damage to your boat and who will let you sleep soundly, whether you are cruising or away from your loved one. This is the proposal of David Insurance, a historic Milanese broker who over the years has perfected convention after convention with major and solid companies with an international scope, the “all-risks” policy tailored for boaters. Technically a comprehensive body policy, a true flagship of the company’s insurance consulting in this area.

What is so special about the Body Policy offered by David Insurance, which starts from a base premium of about 600 euros? Meanwhile, the cost. We put ourselves in the shoes of three members who want to insure a 7-year-old 12-meter, worth 90,000 euros: the premium is around 750 euros. About 250 euros per year for each is a more than manageable expense. Then, it was compiled by real experts in the field.

For the right price, you can rest assured that you will have the maximum possible guarantees and that claims handling will be quick and efficient. For everything that can happen in navigation and otherwise, coverage is always in place; for damage from bad weather as well as from a wide variety of causes such as those occurring to propellers and rudders or in an unprotected roadstead, situations that are often excluded unless specifically called out in the policy.

“This is a true ‘plus’ kasko that contains by default numerous extensions to traditional warranties,” explains Riccardo Klinguely, head of David’s marine sector. “We are then pushing to move the value-as-new retention from three to five years, and to pass the boat age limit from 10 to 15 years, beyond which prior appraisal becomes mandatory.”

Not enough for you? “For a modest premium increase, with the ‘machinery’ extension to the basic policy you will also be reimbursed in case of engine damage, not just from heating which is already included. A separate note deserves the issue of the deductible, which is the economic amount of the portion of the loss that remains the responsibility of the insured. At some of the marine dealers with whom we collaborate, such as M3 Servizi Nautici in Andora (Savona), for claims that occur to their clients insured by us, our policies provide a reduced deductible if the repairs take place at their yard; finally, the list of dealers offering our policies as a customer service will be greatly expanded shortly thanks to new agreements already being signed in the current year.”

“We have another new addition to David’s ‘galley,'” reveals Michele Arrigazzi, owner of the company. “An innovative policy tailored for those who sail a lot that includes personal liability, legal aid and accident for anyone on board, from the helmsman to the crew or transported, in the event that a poorly restrained sheet or a maneuver at the dock to refuel involves those on the boat, or whatever may accidentally occur in addition to the coverages of ‘compulsory liability. Tris, this is the name of the policy, will have a premium that will vary exclusively depending on the ceiling chosen and will be in the range of a few tens of euros.”

There is one last piece of news. A cooperation agreement has been signed between David Insurance and Reyacht, a new recreational boating franchisor that brings together many dealers: aim to complement the sale and subsequent maintenance of the boat with other services that are fundamental to the industry, from boat financing and leasing to precisely body policies for your boat.

To get more information about David Insurance’s Boat Body Policy, simply go to www.davidassicurazioni.itoppureand type directly into to get an initial automated quote dedicated to the boat body policy. Experts will answer your questions directly, and in a short time you can have a customized project. Type, age, use, flag, and value of the indicated boat are the key factors for a tailor-made offer that can be obtained in a short time.


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