How much does it cost me to refurbish a 10-meter boat


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A boat refit allows a dated boat to be updated and revalued, adapting it to new styles, technologies, and the owner’s new needs. Below is a preview of the full article that came out in Motor Boats 17 where you can find tables with all the costs to refit:

  • Facilities and Interiors
  • Fairing
  • Mechanics of government
  • Bridge and bridge
  • Engine maintenance
  • Instrumentation

Boat refit: how much does it cost me

To “refit” one’s boat there only enticing possibilities and novelties. But at what cost? We asked naval architect Fulvia Riccardi, who coordinates the Yacht Design Consulting service of Nautic Sales & Martketing – a company that has been active in the nautical sector since 2006, including representation and digital marketing.

Architect Fulvia Riccardi coordinates Nautic Sales & Marketing’s Yacht Design Consulting service.

Taking a 10-meter cruising boat as a reference, architect Riccardi took us through the costs of the work to be done on the hull, engine deck, and systems, putting all the data in a table and calculating the time and labor cost, so we could get an idea of which refit operations might be most cost-effective for our boat.

What do we mean when we talk about refit ?

“There are basically two categories of refits, the first includes work on instrument and engine systems, and the second covers both interiors and exteriors and aims to improve the use of space and the overall aesthetics of the vessel.”

Which functional aesthetic refit procedures are most in demand and how much do they cost?

“The lengthening of the stern platform is in high demand; it can cost 4,000-4,500 euros and timescales of about two weeks. Upgrading the bathroom or installing an additional toilet is also at the top of the list of requests: changing the fixtures, rebuilding part of the outline of the old toilet, can cost around 2,000 euros.

Rationalization of space is also required to meet new needs of the owner. Boats 10-15 years old have dark wood interiors, lackluster, upholstery in shades of light blue or pale yellow, in need of a makeover. The classic method, which is more destructive and expensive, is to replace them by choosing different types of wood, to which light-colored upholstery with contrasting colors should be matched. One can, alternatively, paint all the coverings by choosing new matches. Work on the complete interior linings, involving carpentry and upholstery, for a 10-meter boat approximately can cost 6,000-7,000 euros.”

Are there innovative treatments to improve performance and reduce maintenance?

“Yes, we are talking about the application of nanotechnological protective products, which are able to preserve materials from physical, chemical and biological degradation and very often also allow the appearance of the vessel to be enhanced. These products do not form a surface cover, but bind at the molecular level, becoming an integral part of the surfaces, making them resistant to weathering, especially saline and UV exposure.”

How long does it take to renovate one’s boat?

“We are always talking about work to be done in the shipyard and, therefore, when the boat is stationary during the months of storage, considering the possible overlapping of compatible work, it is likely that to modify the interior linings, lengthen the swim platform, remodel the bathroom and gelcoat paint the exteriors could be considered to take about two to three months.”

In consulting for a refit project can you get a 3D preview and how much does it cost?

“The design cost depends on the type of work required, and is often related as a percentage of the cost of the work and, therefore, to the estimate, should one approach a site that has a designer in-house. The client is usually provided with three-dimensional views based on renderings and photorealistic images, which are included in the design cost because they are an essential tool to help him envision the end result of a project.”

How much does a complete refit cost

Through the prices shown in the tables from page 105 of Motor Boats 17, choosing a list of major interventions, you will find that a 10-meter boat can be refurbished all over again with an average investment of 50,000 euros .

And how much does the market value of the boat increase for every 1,000 euros spent?

Find out in the new issue of Motor Boats (No. 17) available:



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