Yacht Refit: how much does a 10 meters yacht refit cost?

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Upgrading your boat with a complete refit

Refitting allows to renovate and revaluate an outdated boat, adapting it to new styles, technologies and owner’s needs.

There are many possibilities and solutions available to renovate your boat. But how much does boat refit cost? We asked naval architect Fulvia Riccardi, who coordinates the Yacht Design Consulting service of Nautic Sales & Martketing, a company that has been operating in the yachting sector since 2006, also with representation and digital marketing activities.


The architect Fulvia Riccardi coordinates the Yacht Design Consulting service of Nautic Sales & Martketing.

Yacht Refit: how much for a 10 meters boat

What does it mean to refit a boat? 

“There are essentially two categories of refit: the first includes interventions on the instrumentation and engine systems, the second concerns both interiors and exteriors and aims to improve the use of the spaces and the overall aesthetics of the boat”.

What are the most requested functional-aesthetic refit interventions and how much do they cost?

“The extension of the stern platform is in great demand; it can cost 4,000-4,500 euros and take about two weeks. Even the modernization of the bathroom or the installation of an additional bathroom are at the top of the requests: the replacement of sanitary fixtures, rebuilding part of the shape of the old toilet, can cost around 2,000 euros. The rationalization of the spaces is also required to satisfy the owner’s new needs. 10-15 year old boats have dark wood interiors, not very bright, tapestries with shades of light blue or pale yellow, which need a restyling. The classic method, more destructive and expensive, is to replace them by choosing different types of wood, to be combined with light upholstery with contrasting colors.

Alternatively, all the coverings can be painted by choosing new combinations. The complete intervention on the interior upholstery, which includes carpentry and upholstery work, for a boat of approximately 10 meters can cost 6,000-7,000 euros“.


What are the alternative materials to wood or the less expensive techniques to renovate the interiors?

“Alternatives to wood, which is usually used for ceilings and furniture doors, are HPL panels: they are panels with a foam core, generally in PET, coated on both sides with HPL. These panels can be already finished, or subsequently painted or veneered according to requirements; the cost is around 40-45 euros per square meter. Alternatively, you can opt for wrapping, a covering technique which uses a colored film of the most varied colors and finishes. This is an easy and affordable solution, with great results in both aesthetic and functional terms. All coatings can be covered with wrapping for 1,500-3,000 euros“.


How does it cost to refit the helm station or to repaint the boat?

“Exterior refitting concerns the possibility of rethinking the surfaces, perhaps reviving the colors or completely distorting the previous image of the boat.

Economically speaking, the traditional painting with gealcoat involves an approximate cost of 300 euros per square meter, while the wrapping has an approximate cost between 20 and 40 euros per square meter with an advantage in terms of time, because painting a 10 meter boat in the traditional way ican take up to 15-20 days, while wrapping is limited to 2 or 3 days. Furthemore, painting the deck with non-slip paint will cost about 1,800 euros. Replacing the hatches can cost around 600 euros each. Replacing their gaskets costs around 300 euros”.


Are there any innovative treatments to improve performance and reduce maintenance?

“Yes, nanotechnological protective products preserve materials from physical, chemical and biological degradation while improving the overall the appearance of the boat. These products do not form a surface covering, but bind on a molecular level, becoming an integral part of the surfaces, making them resistant to atmospheric agents, in particular to salt and exposure to UV rays“.


Speaking of system refitting interventions, which are the most trendy and technologically advanced ones?

“The simplest intervention on the technological systems of outdated motor boats consists in installing or replacing the plotter-gps. A 8-inch one has a cost of about 1,500 euros + 150 of labor. The installation of the autopilot is around 2,500 euros + 400 of manpower, and then there are the maintenance or improvement interventions of the electrical and water systems. If you want to make your boat more technologically advanced, you can opt for some boat automation solutions, which allow partial or total remote monitoring and management of the on-board instruments, ensuring safety, improving comfort with air conditioning or heating control, as well as energy efficiency. A boat automation system on board a 10-12 meter boat has an approximate cost of 5,000-6,000 euros. Another high-tech innovation is the gyroscopic stabilizer, which allows to minimize roll. It is used on motor boats from 7 to 26 meters. Last but not least, external electric bow trusters can be installed directly on the keel, to increase maneuverability, with a cost of around 3,500 euros. Electric flaps can be installed aft for around 800 euros”.


Can the customer have a 3D preview of the boat refitting project? How much does it cost?

“The design cost depends on the type of intervention required. It is often related as a percentage to the cost of the work and, therefore, to the estimate, if you contact a site that has a designer inside. The customer is usually provided with three-dimensional views based on renderings, included in the cost of the design because they are an essential tool to help him imagine the final result of a project”.


To what extent is a boat revaluated after refitting?

“A boat is an emotional asset; owners are often willing to invest heavily to upgrade their boat to their new needs, rather than buying a new one. Considering the market value of a dated boat, an intervention, in addition to maintenance, aimed to improve the appearance and design can certainly give that added value that allows to improve the quality and livability of the boat”.


Estimating labour and services

Given the cost of haulage and labour services, it is worthwhile taking advantage of the boat in the shipyard by combining refit and maintenance work to ensure: the structural integrity and watertightness of the hull, the solidity of the mooring and anchorage support structures, the tightness of the sea intakes and the functionality of the propulsion and steering components.

Labour costs in Italy average 50-60 euro per hour. Mechanics, electricians and specialised divers charge an hourly rate of 70 to 100 euros. For services in the marina, hauling and launching with a crane and putting the boat on a trolley, range from a minimum of 250 to 400 euros; towing the boat can cost 80-100 euros; renting a vessel has very variable costs depending on the space available, and we have found prices ranging from 50 to 200 euros per day.

Upgrading your boat with a complete refit

Using the prices shown in the tables, and choosing from a list of major interventions, you will discover that a 10-metre boat can be refitted with an average investment of 50,000 euros. For every 1,000 euros spent, the boat’s value on the market can increase by around 300-350 euros.

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