How polluted is the Mediterranean? As of this summer, less thanks to you at MedPlastic.


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The long summer of Medplastic (we dare to paraphrase the title of a beautiful 1958 film starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward) continues more alive than ever. Abundantly exceeded 1,000 members on our Facebook group Medplastic Team, our “plastic hunters” have flocked to Italian shores where they have made (and are continuing to make) their contribution to making the Mediterranean a cleaner sea. Well done guys, keep up the good work! Let’s look at some of the testimonies from our “Medplastic Hunters.”


The “activist of the month” award goes to Fanja Raffellini, who has not only been working for a long time to clean up cigarette butts in the ports of La Spezia, but who sent us this “Hyenas”-style video contribution. We are sure that the unwary “polluter” will not do so again….

“I found Pimpa,” writes Daniele Benzi, “she didn’t want to get out of the water, she was floating through the waters of Cilento, after a long negotiation and some kibble I managed to pull her aboard and bring her back to dry land, now she rests in a dumpster. Great!

Venetian canals are also being cleaned: “mbe Serenissima …maybe not anymore,” Luciano Sepicacchi writes us. Bravo Luciano!

Alessandra Tixi reports to us: “
Children from Portofino Outdoor Nature School summer center also help with sea cleanup
“! What a beautiful picture!

Another testimony that bodes well for the future comes to us from Apulia, from Pier Luigi Gardini: “
Big ferragostana cleanup of the Torchiarolo beach today

Thus Claudia Franchina: “Small “catch” in the Ostuni coastline, but, for those who want to, the spoils can be very rich….” Very good Claudia, we all need to do the same as you!

Cristiana Bellucci
sends us a testimony of a “Medplastic Hunter” in action! Yay!

Tommaso Oriani explains how “cleaning the sea is a mathematical matter.”…

Stefania Conte writes: “Hello everyone, I was embarked as a volunteer on an Infinity, I did beach cleanups in the Pacific… Now I am in Sardinia and I am available to organize a group of volunteers… not that I don’t pick up garbage in my daily life eh, but if we are in a group we give more attention and who knows who knows, people will take example.” Contact her! HERE her blog.

Claudia Pecci
from Rimigliano Park Beach in San Vincenzo: “To change the world, you have to start with yourself. Have a good evening everyone, plastic fishermen!!!”

Also very active is Eriona Skipperina who denounces, ” Polignano a Mare. In front of the hermit’s rock are beautiful bays that unfortunately become dumps with the swells. I found one and worked on it for three days. Every day to away with a couple of big bags, but it’s not over yet. I feel helpless in the face of these images (in the comments a detail). I have alerted the municipality, but I’m afraid they won’t do anything. Can I call the captain’s office? One of the beautiful caves is full of plastic, but I can’t with my available means….”

Eriona again: “Big fishing in Mola di Bari. Plateau de tappillage (lighter and cannuccicchie, cocacozze and various mollettuschi). Bon Appétit!”

In Albania, too, in St. John of Medua, Eriona has been busy: “Two
collection days at the beach together with my grandchildren

Tolu’s Loot – Bay of the Infreschi
“, Medplastic Hunter Marta Bona reports to us!

Alessandro Di Renzo
, “Pescara. 10-minute walk to the beach.” Bravo!

Timothy Lucie-Smith: “Collected in half-hour swim between Serapo beach and split mountain in Gaeta. Limited collection from swimsuit pockets. All plastic floating in the sea for quite a while. Too bad to find so much in a place that was so beautiful.”

“Half-sunken mega-inflatable found in Croatia between the islands of Lastovo and Korcula…impossible to recover.” Too bad, but thanks to Alessandro Mazzuccato for the report!

Marco Pavia
wants to win the first prize in the NO Plastic Instagram contest (read the rules at the bottom)…

Honorary “Sea Sweeper” also Roberto Crabfingers Ballerini! Great!!!!

Sara Bertolino
in Otok Zut (Croatia) with Massimo Consolini writes us, “Do they need tapes?” Congratulations on the capture!

reports: “”Small” collected by snorkeling in Paraggi Bay.” Bravo!

You again!

Also bravo to Davide Serra: “Collected yesterday at Marina di Ravenna marina. I must say that I intrigued quite a few people by going around with the net to collect plastic… Who knows, maybe some copycats will come along….” Who knows, really!

Thus Eugenio Caggianelli: “Styrofoam box — zac — fished out and put away, to be disposed of. A few miles outside Anzio.” Bravissimo!

Pier Guccione Prata
, from Forte dei Marmi, Versilia.

Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve (Brindisi),” Laura Fontecedro reports. And good thing we are in a Nature Reserve!

So Ro Rosa: “Gathering in front of Varazze…Fishermen, be careful what you leave behind after a fishing trip!” Thank You!

“Touch and go in Sestri Levante,” the talented Eda Edlira reports.

Domenico Dammiano
writes us, “Fishing in San Remo. What a beautiful picture!

Maria De Filippo
puts on her face: “Pickinup litter.

Plastic hunters are also on our roads, starting today! Wow! We publish the photo of our friend Caesar, who knows how to raise awareness and defend the sea even in daily routine, bravo!

Davide Bonsi
: “Fortunately little stuff in the sea today….” But in the meantime, something was there! Fortunately, David was there too!

Maurizio Meroni
sent us today’s “today’s catch.” Great Maurizio!

Simonetta Rossi
pointed us to this beautiful initiative, “Velaxtutti x a cleaner lagoon with Marco Zavattiero.”

Time to Take Action is the slogan of Medplastic, the project of GdV and Barche a Motore to safeguard the Mediterranean.Join the MedPlastic Team Facebook group, there you can post news, projects, photodenunciations, videos. Then participate in the NO Plastic Instagram contest (by sending a photo to our instagram inbox – @giornaledellavela – or on the Medplastic Team group, as all the authors of the photos we show you here did): we will award the best testimonials at the 2019 VELAFestival. In addition, if you have structured projects to propose that you think would be useful to the “cause,” please send an email to



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