How to navigate with less noise, pollution and odors thanks to a small accessory


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ExiLencer Filter - Exilator - Saim Marine
ExiLencer Filter – Exilator – Saim Marine

Reducing odors, emissions, and engine noise while maintaining boat performance might seem utopian. Instead, that is exactly what the ExiLencer filtration system, made by the Danish company Exilator and marketed in Italy by Saim Marine, does. It is easy to install, requires little maintenance and extends the life of the engine.

How the ExiLencer filter works

The filter is suitable for four-stroke diesel engines and generators, requires no complicated installation, and is available in two different versions. The first is called ExiLencer 1.0 and is designed for engines with exhaust gas backpressure between 1.5 and 6 kPa and temperature above 325°C. This filter can reduce particulate matter and carbon monoxide by 99 percent, noise emissions by 35 dB, and nitrogen oxides by 10 percent. The ExiLencer 1.0 filter should be cleaned annually, or after 5,000 hours of operation. ExiLencer™ 1.0 consists of an integrated silencer, a filter with a specific ceramic coating – ExiBlock – patented by Nasa, and a catalyst for nitrogen oxides. The filter consists of a catalyst for nitrogen oxides, a silencer, and a special Nasa-patented ceramic-coated filter, ExiBlock. The latter component operates passively on the exhaust gas and reduces particulate matter and unburned particulates, which are filtered out automatically, working at lower temperatures than conventional systems available on the market.

The ExiLencer 2.0 version is instead made with a metal lining and is suitable for engines with exhaust gas backpressure in the 0.2-0.5 kPa range with a temperature of just over 200° C. In this case, the filter reduces particulate matter by 60 percent, eliminates carbon monoxide by 90 percent, and reduces noise emissions by 15 dB and nitrogen oxides by up to 10 percent. The ExiLencer 2.0 should be cleaned every 10,000 working hours.

Why install it on board?

Installing such a filter on board not only reduces pollutant emissions at sea and in the air, but also reduces noise pollution (the noise produced by the engine) and exhaust smoke that leads the hull and deck to become fouled earlier in the aft area. It also reduces engine wear. The filter also helps eliminate odors from combustion. Both versions are available in different sizes (Micro, Mini and Standard), for sailboats and boats and motor boats. With the installation of the filter also comes ExiBox, a real-time performance monitoring system to check the status of the system.

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