Hybrid batteries! So you can make your lead-acid battery “lithium”


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LE300 Smart Battery
LE300 Smart Battery

It is called LE300 Smart Battery System and comes from Germany’s BOS. What does it do? It allows you to make your lead-acid batteries “hybrid” by pairing them with a 28 Ah lithium-ferrophosphate (LiFePO4) battery that measures only 23×17.5×6.7 cm (and weighs less than three and a half pounds). Plus it installs in only ten minutes.

The 12 V lead-acid battery system remains unchanged. Simply add modules of the LE300 in parallel (up to a maximum of 24) with a plug and play installation: all you have to do is connect it to the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of the lead-acid battery. For a small boat, two modules are enough, with a total of 56 Ah.

The solution expands capacity, saves space and provides redundancy for greater security. The modules are extensively tested and certified. If one fails, all others-and the lead-acid battery-continue to function. A robust and simple way to get started with lithium.

So you preserve your lead-acid battery

There is also another great advantage. In normal lead-acid systems, batteries often fail within one to three years because they are damaged by continuous operation at a low state of charge. The LE300 is programmed to keep the lead-acid battery as charged as possible, even in the winter months: the charge and discharge cycles are mainly absorbed by the lithium modules, while the lead-acid battery is used only when the modules are discharged. With this solution, the lead-acid battery can last up to ten years.

Paired lead / lithium batteries
Paired lead / lithium batteries

How much do LE300 lithium modules cost

LE300 Smart Battery System is a lithium battery as an expandable solution, for any 12V lead acid battery, whether AGM, GEL or liquid. Let’s come to the price: a single module is sold (by Italian retailer NEEA) for 345 euros + VAT.

Read more: www.smart-battery-system.com



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